Street Chic Makeup Tutorial Tips for Oily Acne Prone Skin

Hi all!! Today I’m going to make a makeup look that I love this recently It’s like street chic kind of look I’m going to give makeup and skin care tips as well For the oily skin and acne prone skin Because many requested for this And yeah, let’s start. First, I’m going to exfoliate my skin using Cotton Candy Ball from Alive Lab It’s actually cottons that are pre-soaked using glycolic acid There are many functions of that The main thing is this is a gentle exfoliator that can remove dead skin and blackheads So that the skin is smoother The way of using it is scrubbing it on your face And focus more on T-zone It doesn’t lift up the blackhead at once But it makes the skin feeling fresh and clean The scent is really nice too Oily skin doesn’t mean that there’s no need for moisturiser The truth is choosing the right product I’m using Multi Ice Cream moisturiser The texture looks like aloe vera gel It’s light and absorbs to skin quickly So our skins feel moisturised but not sticky or watery.

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So I i think this is suitable for oily skins This product is light and contains more organic ingredients So it doesn’t break out on my sensitive skin You can try this if you’re looking for moisturiser I apply it on my whole face Today I’m going to recommend a really good product for the acne prone skins I received Centella Powder at the last Style Korean event This product is good to shrink pimple and reduce the acnes Also, to balance the skin irritation and redness This has to be mixed with skin care when applying Can be mixed with face soap, toner, essence, moisturiser, Anything can be mixed I mixed this with the moisturiser Take an enough amount and mix with Centella powder Mix it well and apply it on the pimple or irritated areas I received a lot of feedbacks From my sister, my friends and my followers saying that this is so good The pimples are shrieked very quickly It’s light enough and doesn’t make our skins dry So go try out! Next, I’ll apply sun block first. So that my skin is protected from UV and prevented from black spots That’s all for skin care tips Move to makeup now I’m using Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer Primer is important for the oily skins.

Because it helps the makeup to last longer Because this is a no sebum primer, this can control the oil So the makeup result is more to matte and not easily get oily I don’t recommend this for those who have dry skins I’m using Loreal Infallible 24 hours for foundation This can cover the pores and its coverage is pretty good The result makes our skins look flawless and yet natural This foundation is long lasting and not easily get oily Next, I’m using Clio Kill Cover concealer This product is really for covering eye bags and acnes Because this is full coverage Also, this is quite matte and long lasting I really recommend this concealer as it makes our skins look smooth too Now, I’m going to baking face using loose powder Apply it on the easily get oily areas and let it be for few minutes Then, make it even using brush I recommend to baking the face for those who have oily skins Because it makes the makeup last longer and not so oily This is the product that i’ve been using for brows for months It looks like pomade I draw the frame first And the fill in the empty areas I love the result because it looks neat and easy to draw You can apply eyeshadow primer if you have oily eyelids So that the eyeshadow doesn’t fade away easily and the colour is more visible Or pigmented Today I’m using my favourite eyeshadow palette which is this I really love the choices of the colours I use this color as blending shade And apply it on the crease areas This is by far my most favourite palette I love everything about it After that, I mix these 2 berry pink shades And apply it on the middle of the eyelids I never like pink eyeshadow.

But this is really look good and doesn’t make the eyes look puffy Then, apply the dark brown on the outer v To intensify the eye makeup Apply the same shade on the lower lash lines Use the same blending shade to make the eyeshadow looks smooth Last, take the vanilla shimmer shade Apply it on the inner corner to highlight our eyes After that, curve the lashes and apply the waterproof mascara You can stop at here if you have long lashes But I need a help from fake lashes to make the makeup looks better I use brown eyeliner to darken the lower eyes and blend it again Don’t forget to apply mascara on the lower lashes Now, I’m gonna use my favourite eyeliner which is from Clio The old one is just finished and I’m gonna open a new one This usually will come with cleansing oil So it’s really worth it Btw, I’m gonna put the information of all the products that I used today on the description box below I fill in on the empty areas to make my lashes look thicker Draw a wing liner at the end of eyes as usual And it’s finished This is the eye makeup Now I’m gonna contour my face using SSIN contour palette I really love the shade as the brown is like grey brown So the result of contouring is really natural The shade is also matching to my skin tone And then I’m gonna contour my nose starting from the end of brows to nose This technique is more suitable for the shape of my nose And really makes my nose looks sharper For blusher, as the makeup is slightly pink and orange I’m gonna mix these 3 colours to match my makeup shade I’m using highlighter from Sleek Applying a little a bit will be enough as the shades are really pigmented It’s better to use contour that is a powder rather than cream for oily skins The last one is lipstick This is my favourite nude lipstick from Artemy It’s slightly peachy nude Btw. i’ve changed other color of contact lens to make the makeup looks more edgy And I apply lipstick on again which is from 3CE that’s in warm and sweet shade Apply it on the center for gradient lips effect So this is the final look Hopefully the tips that I shared are useful for you If you enjoy this post please give a thumb up And don’t forget to comment to my blog See you next time Bye..

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