Stylish French women know that however beautifully made up your face, a saggy wrinkled neck will always give away your age. Learn how to keep it covered up with _ avsilk scarf tied in a variety of clever styles.

Always carry sunglasses in your handbag, even in winter. Low-level winter sun can cause squinting, and sunglasses are the best disguise for tired puffy eyes.


Believe you can and you’re halfway there. I believe that entrepreneurs are probably born with that tendency it is in your make-up. I grew up in a household with parents who knew a hard day is work, and Dad ran a successful business for some of my childhood, but I wasn not surrounded with people climbing the corporate ladder or hatching business plans. While I wouldn not have known what an entrepreneur was at the time, I certainly got into the business game early! Whenever we had to fundraise for school I would always sell the most tickets and raise the most money. I would get excited about going around town, knocking on people is doors and selling stuff, and I used to try to cover our whole town before other kids had the chance I wasn not very popular with the rest of the class when that happened! From a really young age I would do little jobs for neighbours, family and family friends to earn extra pocket money. I knew that to be able to do the things I wanted to do, I needed funds. These were really my first lessons in business. I have climbed the corporate ladder and been a small business owner so I have had an insight into both worlds. Working for someone else, and pursuing promotions while you do it, gives you opportunities to advance your career without too much risk to yourself. Of course, being an employee doesn not guarantee absolute job security, but it does mean a certain level of stability of income.

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