Some under-eye creams, such as Hylexin, contain ingredients that are meant to help strengthen the capillaries that leak blood under the eyes and cause the dark black and blue tints. Make sure the formulas include ingredients that support elastin and collagen too, as these will help firm the skin and improve its ability to ‘spring back’.



 Inside, it was rigged up with a bank of signal lamps for us to flash Morse code at each other, a magnetic flag board on which the international code flags were fixed, and a podium on which we had to perform semaphore. In a side-room was a mock radio shack, where we were drilled in FM speech for inter-ship and ship-shore, as well as the rudiments of long-wave and Morse sound transmission, to give us an understanding of the sparks’ lair. The class was taken by another CPO, Chief Robins. Chief Robins was ancient and wizened. He had probably been a hard man in his day but his fire had burned out long ago. For the first couple of weeks no one said a wrong word, because we were still dazed with the overall experience and blunted by the crush of work that was being loaded onto us. But as we found our confidence more, we identified how far we could go with our various lecturers. We could go far with Chief Robins. It began at the start of one lesson when we all filed into the classroom and Jimmy swiped the Chief’s trademark trilby off his desk, put it on his head and capered about the room. The Chief saw this and flapped about, waving his hands, asking for his hat back in a weak and pleading tone.

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