Striped Lace Braid Hairstyles

Hi, I’m Sarah. And this is my daughter Gracie hi everyone. And we’re from larger teacher styles.

And today, I’m going to show you how to do a side lace braid. So let’s get started okay. I completely have her hair all wet.

Striped Lace Braid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

And I also put a little gel pair of spring gel whatever you want just a little gel just to control the fly winds. And make it look smooth. And shiny.

I’m going to split her hair from the eyebrown diagonally to the other side by her ear right behind her ear. I’m going to smooth her back down, I’m going to start off on this corner over here with a braid you’re going to use this split right here as the guy who place the braid right down put in three sections. And, I’m just going to start off in the brain call me up honey then, I’m going to add slices to just this side not over here, I’ll ask fun okay.

So now what, I’m going to do is take it from this side, I’m going to take a strand from on this side it’s a slice just a little bit. And you’re just going to keep going down to the egg okay you just gets up your strands. And though ribbon tied elastic thank you.

So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial. And if you enjoyed it until thumbs up comment to like below. And don’t forget to check out our other tutorials, I really think you’ll enjoy them.

And we’ll see you next time bye guys.

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