Structuring the sessions for child

Structuring the sessions for child

Three hours a day, from nine to 12 is usually long enough.

Children attend regularly, every morning or less frequently, but it is a good idea to encourage them to attend on consecutive days if not attending every session so that they have some continuity.

Biscuits and cold drinks should not be allowed. Fruit or cheese or raw vegetables and milk are suitable mid-morning snacks.

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It is considered unprofessional to ask for a tip, or to refuse to book someone during normal operating hours because a staff member wants to leave early. Services are to be delivered within the parameters for standard service (allowing for guest preferences included in those parameters), and staff may not go beyond those parameters, in order to either favor or disadvantage a particular guest. Spa staff are also expected to be clean, and to observe good hygiene and professional dress codes. Staff members not only therapists and technicians, but clerical and support staff are also expected to be friendly and to chat with clients appropriately. That decidedly does not include gossiping about either the beauty spa or other clients, or speaking of them in a negative way. The goal of the beauty spa is to ensure a consistent and positive experience for all guests, and any behavior that jeopardizes either of those expectations is not acceptable and should be reported. The management of the beauty spa will appreciate knowing it, for the well-being of both guests and their business. Client Etiquette Just as the beauty spa’s staff is expected to observe certain etiquette with clients, clients have both rights and responsibilities that they agree to accept when they make plans to visit a beauty spa. Knowing what these expectations are will help you to relax and enjoy your stay. Most of these understood rules of behavior are not exclusive to a particular kind of beauty spa.

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