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Hey Everyone Abbey Here I am starting a new once weekly series on my my blog on Mondays I’ll going to be doing a product review every single Monday and essentially my reviews are going to entail as much information as I can possibly give you I don’t want to just sit here and kind of ramble on about products I want to tell you guys about what the company says it does and evaluate whether or not whatever product I’ll talking about actually lives up to the claim that it has I also want to show you all the different ways that you can use whatever product it is. So hopefully I’ll not just showing you what’s good and bad out there in the world of products but also helping you learn how to use your products.

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I think that’s something that’s kind of missing from my my blog right now and I think it’s very helpful when you know not just how to do different hairstyles but how to use products to help you to get the best hairstyle that you can and how to use products to keep your hair as healthy as possible. So hopefully This overall extremely educational and I hope you guys enjoy this if you can think of a snappy cutesy name that includes something about products or reviews or anything like that and the word Monday let me know because I’ve been trying it I can’t think of anything but if you guys can think of a cute name for this little series let me know in the comments I would love to hear it and that’s it let’s go ahead and get started with today’s review today’s review is on the style sexy hair spray clay This a texturizing spray clay that has a level out of shine and a level out of hold. So essentially what it is a mattifying hair spray that has clay in it and what the company says that it does it allows for I find an even product distribution to achieve in all of our textured look with a matte finish provides a dry texturize finish with buildable holes and it allows for targeted or all-over application towards endless styles you might be wondering what in the world do I do with this product it’s this texturizing spray that it’s like a hair spray and it has clay winey would you want a hair spray that has clay in it let me tell you but I want to start off by talking about what you can do to kind of change the way that your hair style looks with this there’s a lot of different things but I think overall This your ultimate like mattifying beach’ fiying blake lightly applying products ever one thing that is great for is you can spray it all over and get a kind of beachy texture kind of like I did today for this kind of like Blake Lively when Blum lived in looking hair. So it just kind of looks like you know you didn’t really try too much but your hair looks awesome anyway at least I think it looks awesome anyway the other thing that you can do with it is to target it to specific areas in your hairstyle now the way that I would do This to target it towards your ends I’ve actually done that in an end tutorial that.

I did before and basically I had this all-over style that was all curls and pretty but I wanted to make it a little bit less formal looking I wanted to make it a little bit more lived in a little bit more current. So I just sprayed this right on the ends just to make them look a little bit lived in a little bit less polished and I thought the overall look was really great to lift up your roots and actually spray this right at the roots for a tiny bit of volume those of you with fine hair I might have tried this before on your hair just lifting your hair up and spraying hairspray at the roots because it’s a great way to get a little bit of volume the final set of things that you can use this for it’s to help you style your own hair now the thing is sometimes if your hair is a little bit on the soft or southeast side it can be hard to get certain styles into it braiding even is tough because your hands are constantly slipping off your hair especially if you’re doing an intricate braid. So using a product like This really good because you can spray it onto whatever area you’re trying to work on and it gives you grip on your hair. So your hair is not sliding through. So much no it will mattify. So if you don’t want a matte style you want to keep it completely shiny you might want to go with the hairspray instead but if you’re okay with having a matte look to your hair This an amazing option. So if I don’t think that you can do for all over your hair is just as a finishing thing for all over your hair. So if you finish like a beachy updo or a bohemian updo and you want it to look very lived in very natural but still have that hold throughout the day. So that you’re not you know losing your hair style throughout the day This good because it’s gonna give you that modification that texturize look but it’s also gonna add hold. So your style stays throughout the day ascend to kind of critique the product now we have to talk about whether or not this lives up to the claims of the company made the first claim is that it allows for a very fine distribution throughout the hair for an all-over matte look absolutely I think that’s really one of the great things about this product is that it doesn’t clump on a certain area the hair that might be a silly thing to point out or might seem like a silly thing to point out but nothing is worse than when you apply a product and it ruins your style because it clumps up to certain areas of your hair and you want to know if a product is going to do that and this one just because of how finely and evenly it disperses with the aerosol things like that it’s really great and because the product is very fine in and of itself it really isn’t stick to anything second is that it provides a texturizer and buildable finish yes you can use the tiny bit of this which is kind of what.

I did today I just used a little bit for just kind of like a little windblown you know messy ish look but you can use a ton of this stuff for a very texturized look. So maybe if your hair is shorter than mine and you like kind of having really shaggy looking hairstyle girl This where it’s at because you can really spray that into your hair and really roll it up and it would really do that but for me This usually about as far as I go can have a targeted or all-over application yes because of the way that it comes out and because of the way that it looks you can either do it all over your hair for you know this or you can do it on certain places in your hair for just worn looking areas in the hair. So we’re gonna finish off just specifically with my thoughts just kind of my impressions of the product. So first of all I really love how versatile This because there are some of you guys out there that would just use this lightly all over your hair for kind of windblown beachy Blake Lively you should look to your hair there are others of you out there that would really build it up on certain areas of your hair like if you have even if you have like a pixie cut this would be an amazing product for a pixie cut because it’s not gonna weigh your hair down you can just get that great texture. So they can play with your hair throughout the day it would be great on shoulder length hair to really accentuate whatever layers you have going on there I can just imagine this working. So differently on. So many people’s hair and that’s what I like about it because I can think that I like about it is that it’s not only texturizing it’s not only that kind of like clay effect that you get on your hair but it’s also a hairspray. So it’s actually holding your style in addition to creating texture on it and I think that’s really great because I mean honestly you can use a dry shampoo to get that kind of dry look to your hair if you want to I’ve talked about that in posts before but this actually kind of adds on to that by adding in the hairspray. So that you’re not only adding texture to your style but you’re actually adding hold to your style I know we all walk because nobody really wants that to touch up your hair , times throughout the day it gives you that texture without making your hair sticky I swear every single time I tried to find a product that will add texture into this hair I put it into my long hair.

I instantly regret it because it’s immediately like sticky sticky vil and I have to immediately take a shower because otherwise my hair is gonna end up in a giant mat because it’s. So sticky and that’s kind of a long hair problem I guess most kind of texturizing products are meant for short hair they can’t get that tangled. So I like that this one is universally usable you can make this really work in short hair you can make this really working long hair and it’s not sticky. So it’s not going to turn your hair into a giant matted crazyville because that’s just not what that’s it overall I like this product I recommend it if you’re somebody that’s looking for a texturizing spray of some kind it’s a great one it’s my favorite one that I’ve ever tried and yeah that’s it if you guys have enjoyed this I hope you guys enjoyed this idea on of a series kind of thing um for the next probably like four or five weeks I’ll only gonna review products that I really like just because I’ll trying to get used to it I haven’t really done a whole lot of like talking posts where I just sit and talk to the camera ever in my youtube career. So I’ll trying to get used to it and I think part of that is kind of talking our products that I genuinely like and I’ve experienced a lot that I kind of really know well just because I makes it easier for me while I’ll getting used to talking to the camera. So just. So you guys know for the first couple weeks it’s all gonna be positive reviews but if you guys want to see stuff that I really disliked let me know and I will definitely incorporate that in the future is really it this time I hope you guys have enjoyed this review I hope you found it helpful list any questions you have in the comments I’ll try to get to them I love you guys very much and I’ll see my next post well thank.

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