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Fantasia is known for over 50 years for its Quality, Integrity and Value. Promotes Healthy Scalp Hydrates & Relieves Dry Scalp Prevents Breakage Strengthens Hair WHAT What’s Hot? Taylour Paige and VHl’s incredible show Hit the Floor, in which she plays the beyond gorgeous dance talent Asha Hayes! On the show, Asha and star basketball player Derek’s love story has been a fan favorite for three seasons, culminating in the season three finale with a touching, center-court proposal. Derek asked Asha to marry him in the middle of a dance routine surrounded by thousands of cheering fans in Devils Arena. She said YES! Now they tied the knot with the wedding of a lifetime! Her rival, Jelena, (played by Logan Browning) recovered from being shot, and larger than life drama begins to unfold. Taylour considers her time on the show to be very valuable for her career. It’s a great learning experience. We move fast. We film two episodes every 10-12 days. A lot of multitasking. I love my cast. We’re a family and have been through a lot of personal and professional trials and triumphs together, she says. Off season, Taylour keeps busy with projects and other fun activities. I just wrapped up this incredible independent comedy/drama that was life changing. I’m too excited about the story I got to be a part of telling. Auditioning a ton. Spending time with beautiful friends and family. Reading. Watching movies. So she’s pretty, talented and enjoys her acting craft, but what’s her hair story? Taylour has a lot to share on the subject!

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