In the most stylish of ski towns

In the most stylish of ski towns, adventurers need clothing that’s both functional and fashionable. Opt for high-tech, water-resistant fabrics in cool patterns and slimming colors. And don’t forget an intense moisturizer dry, chapped skin will ruin any look.

Adjust to the altitude with help from the oxygen bar at the St. Regis hotel’s fabulous spa. Stay at the cozy Hotel Jerome. Let loose at world-famous Cloud Nine, an apres-ski party at the top of the slopes.

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He was McAllister. McAllister was unchanged from when I had known him on the Valvata: genial, soft-spoken, polite and reserved when sober – which was most of the time – although a monster when drunk. People said he was lucky to get another ship after his escapade on the Valvata, although his sober charm had probably carried him through, as it had done for many years. He knew his faults and tried not to drink. In the evenings, he sat in the crew’s mess and talked and played cards with the alchie brigade, absorbing their increasing erratic behaviour as they became more and more drunk, until it was too much for him to bear and he went to bed. In the months I was aboard the Horomaya, McAllister only fell off the wagon once: it was another sight to remember. We had been aboard about six weeks, during which we undertook the standard slavish labour, when the chief mate decided our knowledge of navigation and bridge-work was woefully inadequate and we should spend a week on the bridge under an officer of the watch. We were pleased about this, because it meant a respite from our usual fare. I was put with Max, the third mate, on the eight-to-twelve watch. Max was good fun.

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