Subtle Hippy Braids Hairstyles

Hello, and good morning. Today I’m gonna demo hippie braids. And everyone right now knows how popular the hippie look is. So we’re gonna demo some fun summer do’s starting with this one. Super, super easy. I have just straighten her hair so that it’s nice and straight like hippieish. And I’ve parted it dead center, right down the center of her forehead. Now I’m going to take turn around just a little bit, and part just a little, imagine like a little square or rectangular shape on her head. She has leftover glitter in her hair from her dance competition yesterday. But, I’m just going to part off of a little section, and all I’m gonna do is braid it.

Subtle Hippy Braids Hairstyles Photo Gallery

This is easy as they come. Now there are several ways that you can finish off this braid. Lots of different ideas. So you can go down halfway to get to here and pin it with bobby pins, or an elastic. You can braid it down farther and pull it all the way back, with the second braid coming on this side, and have it together right here. Or you can finish the braid off all the way down, and just let it hang here, with an elastic in the end, like so. And then put on a cute little, the little leather headbands that they’re wearing now on their foreheads, right here, come over the braid, and just have the braids down. All three of which would be adorable, little hippie do’s. With her this morning, I think I’m going to pull the braids back, so hang to that one. So then you just repeat this process on this side of the head.

Just make a little rectangular or square shape. Kind of look to make sure they match. And begin braiding, and she’s got bangs, you can see, I’m just going to braid those right in today. If they start popping out of the braid, because her hair’s dry this morning. If you do it wet, they’re more likely to stay tucked down in. But since she’s got dry hair this morning, little strands start, sort of flying out of the braid, you can see. You can add a little pomade and rub your fingers down the braid, and that will help those flyaway stay in. A little bit of jell would do the same thing. So this is a really summerie-beachie look that’s fun. Even though it’s not quite summer yet, we’ll start demoing hairdos. In fact, we got snow this morning again. So I’m definitely ready for summertime. So I’m just going to pull it back, stick an elastic in. You can add a little ribbon, or a clip, or a flower right here if you wanted to. And there you go, gives you a little hippie style.

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