Subtle Twist Side Braid Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. Today I’m going to show you a DIY hairstyle that’s really fast and very cute. Now, this hairstyle is designed to be a little more messy, a little more romantic feel to it, a little looser, which is why it’s a great one for when you’re on day three with your hair, or you’re in a real hurry in the morning and you need to be able to do it really fast. But before we move on to the hair, just very quickly wanted to remind everyone, this is the last week to enter our ,th commentr Giveaway. So for those of you that missed it on Wednesday, we uploaded a huge giveaway post, and it ends this coming Saturday, November , at midnight.

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And on the th, which is a week from today, we will be announcing the winners. So make sure you check out the post if you haven’t seen it, and continue to enter all week. And then watch post next week to find out who all the winners are. Don’t forget, also, that we announced our limited edition Cute Girls Hairstyle T-shirts in that post. If you are interested in one, you can click the link below. I’ll have it in the description box. OK, we’re calling this hairstyle Subtle Twist Into Side Braid. So as you can see, I just have my hair like I normally wear it on most days. It’s been a couple days since I’ve washed it, which is a great reason to use this hairstyle. So I’m going to just take my bangs, and I’m going to flip them all to the right side, just because I want all of my bangs into the twist on this one. And I’m literally not even going to use a brush, just my fingers. I’m going to take the first little piece right here and divide it in half, because we’re creating a twist. And I’m going to start the twist, always going back away from my forehead. I’m going to pick up a little hair, twist it again over here that back strand. Pick up a little hair. Twist it over the back strand. And this is just a way to kind of get my bangs twisted into it, so that they don’t fall out. OK? Now you can go back and loosen this up a little, so it’s really soft and subtle, which I like. Now, when you get to this part you can see that I don’t have enough hair to twist all the way down the strand. So now I’m going to take a bigger piece and add into that front twist, and do it one more time.

So did you see how I got a lot more length right there? We’re going to need that to continue on the twist. OK, so now that I have length in both pieces, I’m just going to twist them over each other. Don’t worry if that happens. Not a big deal. Remember, it’s all about the loose, the messy, the romance in the hair. So not a big deal. You can use a clip or anything you want, an elastic at this point, to just secure this end. If I wasn’t talking to the camera, I’d stick the hair in my teeth and hold it with my teeth. But I won’t, since I’m talking to you guys. OK. So now that you have your twist, take the rest of your hair, sweet it very gently over to that same side. I’m going to turn a little more so you can see. Doesn’t have to be pretty. Doesn’t have to be really fancy. Once you’ve got the hair, minus the twist I’m gonna hold in my teeth. Then separate out this into three sections. Now, I’m going to take this and put it into this middle section. You can do it on whichever one you want. And then begin just to braid. How easy is this? And then, of course, I’m going to have to remove that elastic, now that my braid is going. Make sure you pick up any strays. So we’re just doing a nice side braid. When you get to where your hair is starting to fall out, use another elastic to secure. OK, now this too structured for me, for this look. So now I’m going to mess it up.

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