Summer Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

So today I’m going to show you a really fun creative way to wear your fishtail braids the summer we’re gonna use some yarn yes, I know some really colorful yarn in different colors and what we’re gonna do is cut some strands of the yarn and attach it to the hair and it’s really simple but it’s gonna take some time. So, I already pre cut my yarn and, I have it here and different colors. So pretty and I’m gonna be using four colors today.

So, I have orange red yellow and white 12 strands all together you don’t have to use that many but if you want to use that mini that’s great what. I’ve also done is, I took different yarns. So this one is a little thicker and then this one is a little thinner and this one is probably the thickest, I have.

So if you have different textures and thicknesses in yarn it’s gonna look even better in your hair the first thing first is you want to grab one color of each yarn and start tying them all around your hair strand and I’m gonna show you exactly what, I mean by that is brush the hair very basic but you know we need to do that. So, I am wearing my lucky. So you’re gonna see some weft underneath my hair and I’m wearing my mocha brown 160 grams.

Summer Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So what I’m gonna do is just clip the top section of the hair. So that it’s not in the way and start tying the yarn section. So and what you’re gonna do is take a small section of hair take the yarn and all you’re doing is just you know tying it up there.

So you’re just making a knot and you want to make sure that pretty strong here if you want to do it twice that’s fine because if you have really straight and silky hair it might just slip up the hair as you’re braiding. So you want to make sure you avoid that and you do the exact same thing all around the hair strand once you’re done tying the strands of yarn into your hair this is what its gonna look like. So you should have it all over it you know they hear the hairline all around your head and what happens here is that some of the strands might be a little too long.

So what I’m gonna do is take the scissors and you know look at the longest trends and just chop them up make sure not to cut your hair here now what I’m gonna do is just braid a regular fishtail braid and I’m gonna link a post on how to do that just to show you the basic steps if you don’t know how to do that but pretty much you split the hair in two sections and then what you do is just take one strand and bring it over to the second strand and then you take your index finger from the other side and bring another section to the first trend and that’s all you’re gonna be doing all the way down. So this is the finish result this is what the braid is gonna look like when you’re done it’s. So cute and pretty and perfect for, I think a music summer festival or maybe a date or something like that, I hope you guys enjoyed this look and definitely give it a try let me know what you think and please post the pictures on the Facebook fan page I’d love to see what your recreations are gonna look like thank you.

So much for reading, I love you guys and I’ll see you soon that it the.

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