Summer Kickoff Stars Reveal Summer Beauty Secrets

It’s summer 2018, and we’re asking celebrities what is their one beauty secret to look in sexy oh my gosh well for me sunscreen I know that doesn’t sound very sexy. But it keeps you sexy throughout the years I think you always have to have a very good nude lipstick, and mess, and lash extensions in the summer are the best you can jump out of the pool you have your little magic set beside you just go through. Your hair with some gel a little new lipstick for back traction waterproof mascara. A good wine seriously, it’s a girl’s best friend when that humidity attacks you, and all of a sudden your face starts running, it’s not a good look Oh bronzer bronzer in self tan or black girls like to look golden to great an always spray tan, and sunscreen. Because the actual Sun, it’s it’s not it doesn’t go. So well for me red red red I would say go tanning they call me that on the Sun get nice, and it’s like tan I would say Botox too. Because it keeps your Barre like youthful I get Botox, and I’m going to be on I love it staying in the gym, and being jacked, and tan how am i doing you’re doing excellent your wrists look good less is more in this summer definitely you need a good flip-flop a good romper good tinted moisturizer, and your I know my tip is just keep giving the compliments keep them rolling just mad smart guys. Oh well I still take baths I don’t shower I think, it’s drying for the skin I still stick to my humidifier, and lots of oils, and oil in the hair. You know that’s hard. But uh believe it or not after every workout me, and my boys we kind of lay out in the Sun all sweaty you just gotta get a nice tan that’s really it you take your girlfriend’s moisturizer when she’s not looking, and then you put it on at night time for that nothing happened is that what you do I don’t have a girlfriend.

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