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Hey guys Abbey here with my summer tagged matchup which is essentially taking rachhloves summer must-haves tag and Ingrid’s missglamorazzi I heart summer tab and mashing them together into one tag because I got tagged for both of them and Ingrid and Rachel are basically two of my favorite people in the internet. So I had to do both tags but I think through them in two separate posts because they’re basically like hovering the same thing. So I’ll mash them together and did them in one. So yeah I’ll going to tag some people at the end of this and honestly if you’re tagged or if you just want to you can do mashed up or you can choose your favorite of like rachhloves or Ingrid’s and just do that yourself sorry to make this complicated I just couldn’t just pick one because like I said they’re two of my favorite people. So anyway let’s get started first question is do you sunbathe or do you fake tan now the answer is actually neither because I have seen a lot of damage skin in my life from the Sun the Sun actually causes eighty percent of the bus damage to your skin that’s not cool but I also have never really gotten into being fake tan because I like being porcelain.

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I think it’s cute however my legs are crazy pasty like scary pasty. So I’ve been using the Dragons natural glow which is kind of a big tanner right oh I like just to make them look like a normal color and I like that it works really well I don’t think this new formula is especially smelly either I use the old formula and it was pretty smelly but This a lot better. So that is my answer for that one question is what is your favorite moisturizer for me it is the julep beach tonic and This very similar to a lot of drug store stuff. So you definitely don’t have to go out and get the julep one but I got it in my box recently and I love it’s just a dry oil that you spray probably similar to the vaseline spray and go moisturizer and neutrogena has like a spray oil as well you spray it on and you massage it in and instantly you don’t feel anything like your skin feels softer but it’s not sticky which is absolutely essential to me I will not use a sticky lotion I will not. So I love this because you literally can’t feel it on the skin and it smells like finally what is your favorite summer fragrance mine is la vanilla grapefruit vanilla you can see finally the use that have gotten out of it I use it. So often I can’t believe I haven’t used it up I love how long it lasts this stuff smells amazing and it’s super summary it is literally grapefruit and mandela together they smell great I love how the tartness of the grapefruit cuts through the warmth oven up the vanilla it’s just amazing and it makes me really happy every time I’ve got it all now moving on to makeup what is your favorite bronzer for summer well mine is benefit hoola bronzer and I sadly lost my full size one it got lost that one of the weddings that I did this summer I am deeply distressed by the loss of Michael LeBrons or however I still have a little mini one right here and once I use this one up I will repurchase the large side it’s great.

I love it’s the perfect shade for my skin and the blends really easily and it’s just perfect question is what is your favorite summer lip product minor Grimble apocalypse show off lip lacquers and I have this one in stellar which is the one I’ll wearing right now and it is my favorite it is basically a highlighter in a cloth and it’s fantastic I like these because you can apply them lightly and just have a nice little bit I mean it’s going to give you a pop of color for sure but it’s not as heavy you don’t really feel it very much or you can really apply it for like a really shiny lacquer II finish. So you can kind of go a little bit more daytime or more evening and because they’re very light wearing it’s not quite like wearing a heavy lipstick which feels nice in the summer because you really don’t want to be wearing heavy products on your lips. So this would be my favorite for summer now have a lot of favorite face products but my favorite one for summer is the Scandinavian riedel makeup finish I like the bridal makeup finish because it adds a little bit of doing this to the face it cuts out any powdery look you might have but it also helps enhance the wear of your foundation it helps me a lot to be able to keep my foundation on throughout the entire day even when it’s hot and sweaty and humid my foundation will stay locked in place and it’s mostly because of this stuff. So I love it if I don’t make up question as what is your favorite I products for summer now this one I picked because it has the perfect colors for me for summer it’s nice and bronzy and golden and it just makes me feel like I been out of the beach even though I haven’t it makes me feel very summery and this was actually my birthday present to myself this year and it’s the benefit world famous neutrals palette and I got mine in the most glamorous neutrals ever and I went ahead and did potted then they come in like a little cardboard thing that was easy to just pop out it’s nothing special. So I have the four colors here and I love them This kind of a coral with a golden shimmer This obviously a nice kind of bronzy gold actually knows kind of burnt gold perfect chocolate brown right here and then a great light highlight right here it’s seriously my favorite I’ve been using it every single day I love it also comes with two cream eyeshadows that have also fallen in love with.

So it was a good buy in definitely my favorite I product for the sump what is your favorite hair product for summer and my favorite hair products are leaving conditioners oh my goodness I own. So many leave-in conditioners it’s legitimately a problem but my favorite would be the Fekkai glossing cream because it just makes my hair feel great I really love it but the other two that I’ve recently fallen in love with have been the l’oreal new color vibrancy dual protect spray which is a heat protectant and a UV protectant and then this one by matrix and the name has washed off. So I have to look it up but it’s basically the same thing but a little bit higher end and less of an oil-based than this one but all three of these are great hair care products for the summer and then what is your favorite styling product for summer now my favorite some are specific one would have to be the bumble and bumble surf spray I got the many size because I couldn’t justify spending the money to buy the giant size but it actually works really well gets you that great dry matte texture without drying your hair out and without making it sticky or stiff which is phenomenal. So it gets you that great look without damaging your hair at all or making it really hard to work with which is exactly what I need in a surf spray but of course the more budget from the option for this would be to use a dry shampoo through your ends and we’ll get you a similar look this just helps you to kind of add a little bit of hold it helps me to be able to scratch my hair a little better. So I prefer this to the dry shampoo but if you’re on a budget and you don’t want to spend like fifteen dollars on this tiny thing dry shampoo is the way to go and now we’re going to finish off with some miscellaneous items and first of all we have favorite summer nail polish and these are both from julep you can see a recurring and I love me some julep and I think these are my favorite formula and nail polishes that I own um not everybody thinks that but I definitely do this first one is Diana it’s a beautiful turquoise color it’s very similar to SES turquoise and caicos it’s just beautiful it looks screen on the needles and I’ll in love with it and then the other one is bunny which is white with a little bit of iridescent shimmer to it I really love white nails and I really love wearing white nails even though when.

I wear this I don’t get tons of compliments or anything hey seriously seriously glove wearing this and I would say these two are definitely my favorites for summer wear sunglasses are from house of harlow they’re basically aviators a little bit of extra metal detailing in the center I really love these I saw these on a blog and I was like they must be mine and then I saw the price tag and I was like or not that’s okay um but then I found them on ebay like three days later I was like well I could at least look just to see just in case and they were on there for like twenty dollars. So I kind of like sniped the bidding war at the last second and got them for like I was. So proud of myself and I love them. So those are my favorite sunglasses for summer wear shoes are these ones from JustFab these are probably the only thing that.

I really consistently worn from JustFab I think they’re beautiful they’ve got this great like black triangle in the middle the new Beth a little nude strap right here and the global gold detailing right here they’re not entirely amazingly comfortable because This basically plastic but they look good with everything and I just find myself going to these a lot throughout the summer. So they’ve definitely been one of my giant favorite my favorite somewhere specific ones are the ones I’ll wearing right now and then this one from jewel mint which I think is beautiful and I actually kept in the packaging that it came in because I love how it showcases it and what.

I love about this one it has these great Jules I love the colors but I also really love this braided trim that it’s on I find that it makes it incredibly beachy and mochi me and I just really easy to wear it goes with. So many different outfits and it’s. So unique it’s not something that you see all these necklaces they’re everywhere like you can find them wherever you look but something like this how’s like the different stones on top of a braided thing I just haven’t seen a lot of which I really enjoy. So This probably my favorite piece for summer that is it for my summer mashup tag. So if you want to do either Ingrid’s or rachels tag you don’t need to do my mashup one but if you want to do I don’t know there’s you are totally tagged and available to do that if you want to and I’ll going to go ahead and type some specific people in the description box that I want to see you either Rachel or Ingrid’s tag depending on which one they want to and that is it for my post I hope you guys have enjoyed this and tell me in the description box what’s one of your most buzz sad things for summer like if you could only choose one thing what would it because I won’t know. So that’s it I’ll see you guys in the next post muah bye.

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