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Our Sunday Funday post this week I’ll just gonna update you guys on what we’re gonna be doing in March I am sorry what happened was that like I was. So focused on februari and getting every single one of my have you Harry posts done that I literally forgot that March ixus and then it was coming right after februari. So I forgot to make any content for today it wasn’t that I wasn’t thinking about it was just well it was that I wasn’t thinking about it I was just. So focused on februari. Sorry but I knew I needed to make this update post anyway. So it just it kind of works out um and while I’ll talking about februari I wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys I mean you guys make februari amazing for me because I was literally. So afraid to do daily uploads I was convinced that I was going to fail or that you guys were just gonna hate them like.

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I was absolutely convinced that something terrible is gonna happen if I tried to do daily uploads and I was. So scared of doing it up until like january thirty first I wasn’t convinced that I was going to do it I was still like well maybe I’ll just do a lot of collaborations but just keep it normal not to every day because what if I do something wrong where I miss an upload day or everybody hates my content like what’s gonna happen and thankfully none of that happen I uploaded every day as scheduled yes in all my collaborations went smoothly thank you ladies they collaborated with me and actually everything went well and thank you guys. So much for liking and commenting and sharing my posts that’s how you helped to support me and my my blog and when you do that it just makes my day and having that happen over and over again throughout every post in February was just a huge blessing to me. So thank you guys into all my new subscribers hugs welcome to the ceili melissa family I’ll. So glad to have you here um should I have a name for you guys I don’t know that’s weird like a name for my followers I just kidding bless the families a little weird you guys know I can’t really name things but anyway I just wanted to say thank you guys. So much because I really was completely afraid of it and I almost didn’t do it but I’ve been inspired by Ingrid from his clan Marat say to UM faced my ears and just do things that I’ll afraid of and I was like all right well I’ll afraid of it but there is no good reason for me to be afraid. So I’ll going to go for it and I did and I went smoothly and I just wanted to thank you guys for being such a big great part of that learning and growing process for me it was wonderful and you guys are wonderful and just thank you. So that’s all I had to say they’re moving on until March. So for March we’re going to keep similars up going on we’re going to keep sunday and monday with the series I’ve already been doing. So we’re going to keep sunday fun day and we’re going to keep make it or break up monday although I’ll going to change make it or break it monday just a little bit and you guys will see that in the coming weeks then wednesday and friday you guys can expect hair tutorials from me wednesday we’re going to have our quick character Orioles I’ll going to try to keep that series going we’re just basically gonna see how long.

I can keep coming up with new quick hairstyles This just going to be like a test of my skills and creativity and you guys will just get to watch me try and we’ll see what happens um and then Friday will be basically whatever kind of post I want to do on Friday basically it’s going to be whatever you guys are requesting because that’s usually the kind of post that I make. So yeah you guys can check back to my my blog on monday wednesday friday and sunday for new content I know that the subscription boxes on youtube are often not working properly. So I wanted to make sure that I had my scheduled days that I’ll sticking to. So that you guys know when to come back and to look for content from me that way you know you guys never missed my posts. So hopefully that helps also I always tweet about them my facebook about them I sometimes Instagram about my posts and I always post them on Pinterest. So if you follow me on any four of those social media platforms you will always be alerted whenever I upload a new post you can also if you want to change your subscription setting. So that you can get emailed whatever I upload a post that’s up to you um just. So you guys know because sometimes I get comments from people that they’re like oh you haven’t been uploading posts recently and I’ll like god no I’ve been uploading a lot of posts they’re just not showing up in your subscription box. So that’s how you can make sure that you’re seeing them when they come up and yeah. So the only other thing that I have to say is this week is going to be a little different because like.

I said I literally forgot about March and I wish that I had been better at planning this because I was. So proud of myself for being. So on my game through februari and now I feel like it kind of failed with the big first half of March. So oops but what I’ll going to do this or this week is for today obviously we have our update post and then I’ll going to have a hairstyle post on Wednesday and then we’re going to pick up with our normal schedule on Sunday and that’s not. So that I can sit and not do anything that. So that I can go ahead and get filming and editing. So that my stuff comes out on time over the following weeks and This usually how I work I like to work having like worked ahead and filmed everything ahead. So that I’ve always you know working ahead in that way if I get sick or something happens or I need to refill them something it doesn’t throw off my schedule. So you guys won’t see as much would be next week and I’ll sorry about that but thankfully that’s going to give me a lot of time to both create really great stuff get it edited make sure that it all comes out on time it also gives me more time to make sure that there’s a lot of quality going into my work and it’s not being rushed. So hopefully you guys will see a lot of great stuff coming from me you know that I’ll going to be working really hard on it because I really love what I do and really care about you guys at your opinions. So yeah that’s basically what is going to be. So this week you’ll just see me I’ll Wednesday I’ll miss you guys when every other day literally I’ll sure like every day it’s going to be. So weird that I’ll not uploading a post and then starting next Sunday you guys will see me four times a week for like however long I decide to do it this way. So I’ll excited about that and I love you guys very much and I will see you guys on Wednesday with my next post ma I try not to judge my fingers This what happens after a couple days in the salon when you are shampooing people constantly and when you have chemicals on your hands constantly your nail polish just cannot hold up also I cut myself doing this pixie cut it was a great like razored pixie cut I loved it but I knew as soon as I pulled my razor out I was like there is no way that I’ll going to do this haircut and not cut myself and I was right.

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