Super Easy Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Hello today’s tutorial is something very easy and quick perfect for every day this hair tutorial has been requested many many times my thing is because it’s been seen on many celebrities lately including Blair from Gossip Girl and um it’s really simple I’ll show you guys and you know it’s something that you can pull up in two minutes you know on regular basis. So let’s just get into it today I’m not wearing my lucky hair extensions this is just my hair but you can’t wear extensions if you want, I just decided not to for today.

So I’m gonna turn around and show you what I’m going to be doing. So this look I’ll probably call it it’s more like a ponytail braid um it’s really quick and easy. So let’s get into it first I’ll let you know what we’re gonna need for this hair tutorial and really it’s only bobby pins that we’re gonna need some in your hair color.

Super Easy Braided Ponytail Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So you can’t see them. So i’m gonna turn it around. So you guys can see what i’m doing in the back.

So what you want to do is just split the hair in two just like that and then you pretty much would do the same thing that you would normally do when you’re doing a fishtail braid. So you with your index finger you grab a section and you bring it over to the left and then with the on the left side with your index finger you bring another section to the right and then you do exact same thing. So you with your index finger you bring the section to the left and then the exact same thing here.

So with that last trend what you would do is just grab this trend pull it through and then what you want to do is just wrap it around. So instead of an elastic band we’re just going to use the hair to wrap it around the ponytail ponytail base and then once we’re done we’re just going to bobby pin that in place from the back I’m just going to use two bobby pins and then that’s pretty much it. So let me show you what, I have in the back once I’m done.

So it’s very pretty look very easy to achieve and anybody can do it thank you guys. So much for reading and I’ll see you guys soon don’t forget to comment down below please bye.

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