Super Model Alexandria Morgans Nighttime Routine

Hey, are you guys ready to go to bed with me? I’m going to start by taking off my makeup with my Burt’s Bees wipes. These are really great because they’re for sensitive skin, which I definitely have. I’m going to use my Clinique extra mild face soap. Now that my face is washed, I’m going to use my Fresh rosewater toner. Just use a cotton swab. And dab it on. So I’m going to use my Mario Badescu drying lotion to help get rid of these zits. I just take a cotton swab to apply it. And then to kind of treat the little scars I have from previous breakouts, I’m going to use my Banish oil.

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This stuff is amazing. I’m almost out of it cause I’ve just been going through it so fast. It’s really really helped diminish the look of my acne scars that I’ve had. And then I’m going to put on my Avene cold cream which I’ve been really into lately as a moisturizer. It works great and it really lasts a long time. The old Hollywood actresses, like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, were always putting on cold cream. It gives you a nice little glow too.

So I’m really into the intense hydration Burt’s Bees and it has sage in it and it smells amazing. I just pop it under my eyes. And that is pretty much it for my skin, so I go to sleep looking like a weird aquatic alien or something with these dots on my face. I’m going to brush my hair. It gives me these great loose waves if I sleep in this bun, cause I have naturally pin straight hair. Then I spray my Moroccan sea salt spray on it to give it some texture when I wake up. I’m pretty generous about the amount I spray. Just so it’s a little bit damp. And that’s pretty much it.

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