Super Quick Mommy Saver Bun Hairstyles

Hi, I’m Gracie. And, I’m Sarah we’re from London teach hair stuff.

And today my mom will be showing you a fun that is super quick for days. And you are running late. And this is what it looks like.

Super Quick Mommy Saver Bun Hairstyles Photo Gallery

And this is specifically for long hair let’s get started okay. I started by putting her hair up in a high ponytail. And I put some gel already on her hair as well as her ponytail her hair is wet.

And, I’m just going to take the tail. And just kind of make a loop already here a loop twist it take the tail. And just keep wrapping all the way around until you have no more hair to wrap take this now you have it set here just like this take the bobby pins.

And just bobby pin all around her hair where needed it’s very quick very simple especially if you have no time at all in the morning to do anything fancy with your daughter’s hair for school really quick tip to see where it’s long. And see where it’s shorter, I usually. And it does stay for me a lot better than if, I turned it the other way.

And make them longer had to go this way. So if you turn it this way. And you just push it in like that it stays in a lot better.

And more secure. So again just like this. And just secure, I’m gonna be eating a lot of body pins for this to hold her hair especially if your daughter’s hair has a lot very long hair like my daughter does she’s gonna need a lot.

And if you have any kind of accessories little butterflies or flower accessories you can always hide them you can hide the bobby pins with those crazy okay okay okay. So this is your basic quick bun. And I just take these.

And get in that Amazon for well that’s where you forget is a Amazon that’s where, I got mine. And they’re not that much, I think they’re like three bucks with a set of six. So just stick them anywhere anywhere that you think is look pretty put a little hairspray just to keep them slide right down turn it.

So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial please give a thumbs up comment to the link below bye guys.

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