The jumbo turtleneck regains its status this season. From ribbing to oversized plaits and cable knit, stay cosy by wearing with jeans or laying it over a sultry slip dress.


Leech and Gus had always kept each other’s company and he was upset when Leech failed to turn up before the ship sailed out of Takoradi. Gus was of a similar mould to Leech: shoulder-length hair and a pale, vacant expression. He was permanently grubby and had a strongly unpleasant smell. I actually found Gus quite interesting. Despite his appearance, he was engaging beneath the surface and we had many long talks as we squatted in the sun and painted. He was the black sheep of the family; one of five well-educated sons, although the only one who hadn’t conformed to his father’s expectations in life. He was quite sanguine about this. We steamed south after leaving Pointe Noire, heading for the Persian Gulf via the Cape of Good Hope: these were busy days as we put the ship in order following three weeks of abuse on the African coast. The bosun wanted me and Jimmy to help with the stowing of the ropes in the rope-locker, which meant that one of us went down in the locker and the other fed the rope down. I had expected to work with Jimmy, although the bosun decided that we should each work with one of the sailors, so Jimmy went forward with one of the ABs and I went aft with Gus.

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