Surgical Growth Surgery

Attention to Surgical Growth Surgery

This popular cosmetic practice, again, puts health at risk, breast enlargement. In 1999, over 167,000 women in Istanbul spent an average of three thousand dollars on salivary sperm to breasts. Implant manufacturers and doctors earn about $ 800 million annually. Most of the patients are satisfied after the operation. However, about fifty thousand women and doctors have reported a number of problems, including 118 deaths since 1985. 16% of the patients complained of severe chest pain and 9% had painful stiffness in the tissues around the implants.

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Eight percent were implanted incorrectly and 17 percent had either intense chest sensation or numbness. These statistics were obtained from a study in McGhan Medical, one of the largest breast implants manufacturers in the USA65 (who knows how a neutral study would yield results). Let’s add konuyu to get it right: salt implants were supposed to be superior to silicone implants, but they were removed from the market except for medical reasons (like breast reconstruction after chest removal). Cosmetic surgery gives the feeling that in a world where our value is judged by a ten-second interview, the person has control over the appearance.

Cancer-defeated patients who are willing to risk their lives to “accept” as attractive, reveal how idiotic your beauty is. Is not it clear enough that having a single chest or two small breasts, or a large bur or a plump hump is better than staying healthy?

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