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Today I’ll doing a makeup tutorial on this my blog which is the first time in a very long time I’ve been doing some on my second my blog but I decided that I should do tutorials on this my blog and kind of do more vlogs style posts on the other my blog I don’t think I’ll gonna do makeup tutorials every week but whenever I get them very requested I’ll going to be doing them. So I hope you guys like this This one that was requested a lot it’s what I’ve been wearing in the last two weeks of posts and people really liked it. So I wanted to do a tutorial on it’s. So great for back-to-school because it’s fresh and it’s pretty and it’s really flattering for a lot of different facial features and skin tones. So I hope you guys like this and I will see you guys in my next post la bye I began by using Urban Decay primer potion and Eden over my lids now.

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I’ll taking the C palette which has shaggy lady volume volume and the nude tude palette by the balm I’ll using these two shades from the shady Lady Vol palette to create a shimmery tone that is similar to my skin color then I’ll using a sigma e as my fluffy brush to use for this entire eye makeup look and I take this over my lid and into the crease when I do my eye makeup I’ll always trying to make my eyes look just a little bit bigger if you want to make your eyelids look a little smaller if they’re a little bit prominent you can always choose this home that’s a little bit darker than your skin tone and that will help you a lot next choose a color that’s very shimmery and lighter than your skin tone and take that over the inner tear-duct and if you want to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter you can take it over the inner third as well and underneath the brow bone again if you don’t want to make your eyes look bigger just focus it in the tear duct and under your brow bone and that will help you out a lot next take a contour color that is only a couple shades darker than your skin tone that way you get a nice subtle effect rather than a very drastic crease color those have their place but in this look I like to have a very subtle color to make your eyes appear bigger focus it only in the crease to make your eyes appear a little smaller go ahead and take it over the outer third to half of your eye and that way will kind of diminish the size of your lids just in case you have very prominent lids next you’re going to go ahead and take NYX um black eye liner if you like that one that’s my favorite one.

I’ll going to go ahead and create a wedgie line and basically what I mean by that is to create a line that’s thicker on the outside than it is on the inside this helps to give a cool cat eye shape and lift the outside of your eye just a little bit and you can see that I’ll only gonna line of my lid because I like to make my eyes appear a little bit bigger to kind of close off your eyes a little bit more you can always line all the way into the inside now I’ll gonna take my e smudger brush and blend out that line you can see that it was really messy and that was on purpose I like the really soft look of pencils rather than the harsh look of gels. So I did a kind of a rough line with the pencil and then smudged it out with the brush and that way it helps the line to look much more soft and kind of flow a little bit better a little bit more everyday now I’ll gonna use this matte black eyeliner by NYX for my waterline now I like this one for the waterline but it is not fun to work with on the lid cuz it kind of skids a little bit but it does say well on the waterline. So I use it for that now you’re going to curl your lashes and apply mascara.

I’ve been using two mascaras lately and my first one is Tarte lights camera lashes mascara I like this one because it’s super thick and really volumizing you can see that it gives a lot of vines in my lashes and really helps to show every single little lash and now I’ll using Maybelline illegal length mascara and I love this one for adding some length to my lashes I’ve only just started using it. So I don’t know exactly how I feel about it but you can see that it makes a huge difference in my lashes I always make sure to hit the back of the tops of my lashes. So you can see every little bit of it now I’ll gonna use benefit coralista blush which is my new favorite blush and I put that over my cheeks and now I’ll using b megalast lipstick from Wet n Wild it’s really pretty pink color and then pink whisper by Revlon for my lip gloss I love this really pinky lip but if you want to go with something more nude I always love Revlon’s creamsicle lip butter as well you could definitely try that for a more nude look and that’s it I hope you guys like this I’ll excited to be doing makeup tutorial. So I hope you guys really enjoyed it and here’s some more makeup tutorials to check out from my second my blog if you like I have my foundation routine my everyday makeup and the golden black smokey eye I’ll looking forward to doing some more tutorials with makeup I hope you guys like this and I’ll see my next post bye.

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