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Hair & hygiene Prostitutes in the 17th century may have shaved, but that was mainly due to the fact that they were riddled with lice. The fact is, pubic hair exists for a reason – for example, it helps to keep out infections, bacteria and viruses like herpes and STIs. Years of shaving, plucking, burning with hair removal creams and painful waxing are leaving our bits sore, itchy and inflamed, and by toning down all the preening it will help our most sensitive area recover. Tame the beast If you do decide to embrace your fluff, it doesn’t mean you have to go totally wild. ‘We are happy to trim hair if a client requests it and if you’re going on holiday, you can always opt for the basic bikini wax,’ says beauty therapist Lesego. ‘We’ll just take off the sides and a bit from the top, so you can avoid those unsightly spider legs” and save the secret for those who you want to share it with.’ There really is nothing sexier… Go to essentials.co.za to check out our brand new Sex & Relationships section. Feature Abbie Pethullis Photography Thinkstock A survey of 1 870 women Susan Quilliam is a relationship psychologist & author of The New Joy of Sex(R267, Octopus)

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