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What is your opinion or experience with supplements, namely hair vitamins?

In my opinion, oral supplementation is an excellent first choice for quite a number of health issues however the hair and skin are a little different.

For instance, when we take a supplement targeted for hair growth or hair health, it is certain to contain Vitamin E amongst other nutrients. Vitamin E is also a nutrient essential for good heart health.

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The problem is that our bodies do not know the difference in taking a supplement intended for hair health (that contains vitamin E) from a supplement taken for heart health (that contains vitamin E).

If we are Vitamin E deficient, any supplement containing it (regardless of what the packaging says the supplement is intended for) will go to the heart and other organs first, and most likely the hair and skin will be last. Simply put, our bodies are smart enough to use food and supplements wisely and our body’s primary goal is to sustain life.

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