Sweet and Pretty Valentines Updo

It’s the week before Valentine’s Day. So I decided that this week I would do two updos. So we could have some cool up views for Valentine’s Day this one is my kind of sweet and pretty one it’s a lot more polished I think it’s a little bit more girly. So I kind of like it for the girls that want to go for that kind of route when it comes to Valentine’s Day I think it’s great for if you’re going out with it somebody on a date or you’re just going out with your girlfriends whatever weight you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day I think it’s a really pretty hairstyle and I hope you guys like it too. So that’s it and I will see you at my next Valentine’s Day tutorial well I begin by separating the hair in front of your ears on either side and go ahead and secure them out of the way because we don’t want them to get caught up in the rest of our hairstyle quite yet then go ahead and tease your hair from the apex of the head to the crown of the head depending on how much volume you want.

Sweet and Pretty Valentines Updo Photo Gallery

I did this in multiple sections because my hair is fairly fine and to get a lot of volume it works best to do multiple sections and tease up the hair shaft and you can tease more or less depending on how much volume you want think gather they herd together and use your hands if you want to go ahead and pull that tease up just a little bit again it depends on how much volume you want whether you want more or less and then go ahead and secure it with a small band over to the side and you’re gonna take the remaining pony tail and create a loop with it.

I wanted to create one that was about four inches and then you can see here that with a band you can make that larger or smaller depending on what size you want that little fake button at the bottom to be if you want it to be visible from the front you should do larger if you have less hair or you want it less visible you can do smaller and then if you have any ends left go ahead and wrap them around the band and pin them in place and you can wrap these either messily or smoothly obviously I opted for messily because that’s what.

I like but it is all your preference and then go ahead and pull the edges up against your head and pin them up against your head. So that it looks like the bottom of a bun we’re kind of creating a little fake bun here and again you can make that larger or smaller depending on what you want then you’re gonna take the hair from the front and grab the bottom of that section of hair that’s left twist it and pull that twist over the top of where the bond is basically we’re going to create kind of a little section of these little twist. So you’re gonna pin it in place here and then you’re gonna zigzag over the top if you have longer hair like I do and pin it again if your hair shorter you can just go once across and pin it but my hair was too long. So basically I had to twist it like this and then pull it over the top or over where I wanted it go ahead and give it a little pin and then I had to go ahead and twist it and pin it again back the other direction to go ahead and use up the hair that’s just what.

I had to do for my hair type and then you’re gonna continue pulling sections and twisting and pinning them and placing them as you want. So what you’re gonna see what this one is that I actually placed it a little bit lower that’s partially because when you’re twisting and pinning these you’re also determining how the hairstyle looks from the front and also because I wanted to add some more dimension to the style This gonna be one of those things where you’re looking in the mirror and you’re looking to see how you like it when you put a certain piece there another piece there and kind of building the style as you go. So I really recommend continually checking your work in the mirror also if you want this really smooth make sure that you’re combing this before every twist because that will make it much much smoother you can also add a little dash of hairspray if you like as well and once you’ve got that in place you’re done hope you liked it.

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