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Hi guys, I’m Katie. And I’m Charlie. And we are with the Bella’s Braids. We are here to show you a really cool post for a heart hairstyle. We’re gonna leave all of our information in the description box below if you want to check us out on social media, and before we get started, be sure to comment to Hairstyles with this button. Can you point to the button? Good. Your part should go from the side of the head all the way to the back middle. On this half, I’m going to start the heart parting, so take a nice sharp part, go up and around and to the ear. So you can see it’s nice and rounded, and has a nice point. I’m going to clip this out of the way for now.

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And I’m going to repeat the same thing on the other side. Make sure it starts at the exact same point. Go up and around to the ear. Take all the rest of the hair and go ahead and put it in a nice, tidy ponytail, and that’s just to hold everything out of the way. Now with this section, I’m going to go ahead and add a little bit of gel, just to keep it nice and smooth, mostly in the front in here. Now, you just wanna take a little tiny section right here in the corner, and start a French braid, only you’re only gonna have hair in from this side. Okay, now that I’m at this point, I’m gonna take the rubber band out. And brush all the hair toward this right side. And I’m going to start a French braid and just take it down like this. So when you get to a point where you think you could connect these and have them look right, which is about here for me, I’m going to take a slice of hair, small one, add it into the braid and then add this nice chunk into the braid.

Same with this side, I’m gonna take a nice small chunk of hair. And add this one into the braid. Now I’m just gonna finish braiding all the way to the side, adding hair in like a French braid. Okay, from this point, you can either finish with one braid like this, Charlie is begging for a bun, because we’re going to her first ballet class after this, so I’m going to put a rubber band here. Okay, I’m gonna take this, twist ’em both the same way and twist them together the opposite way. So I’m just going to wrap this into a bun. Thank you so much for watching, everyone. Please don’t forget to give us a big thumbs up. If you wanna see more of Hairstyles posts, go ahead and click this link. If you wanna see more of our posts, you can find some up here, and older posts, go ahead and click down here. Thank you so much for watching, bye!

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