T.e.N Agenergy Method

Agenergy Method from T.e.N Laboratories is an energizing and nourishing professional anti aging treat ment forpreventing and repairing the first signs of ageing. Fomiulated with innovative ingredients such as G-Age Complex. Iris Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C. Bilberry Seed Extract, and Lupin extract, that performs targeted actions to preserve theskin’s defenses. This results in a fresh and radiant complexion. Results of the 6 phase Agenergy Method are amazing and the results are proven in terms of reduction in wrinkles, and an improvement in skin elasticity and brightness.

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Jana-Lee Carr was born on 23 August 2005. Her middle name, Mataio, was given to us by Jason is dad. This time we were determined to do it our way, and it was just Jason at the hospital with me. It was all pretty straightforward; again, very different from Gabe is birth. I wouldn not say I had full-blown post-natal depression, but I definitely had a touch of the ‘baby blues’, and missed having my family near me all the time this time around. I remember bawling when Jason left for work after a couple of weeks off. When Jana-Lee was two months old, I returned to work. I know now that it was far too early, but at the time there was a fair amount of expectation that I would get back to work as quickly as possible, and I also felt that our household needed the income. I was expressing milk in the back rooms of Glassons stores around the country to take home to my baby. One of my younger sisters, Siborne, had recently left school, and she moved in with us and essentially became a nanny for Jana-Lee for the next couple of years.

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