T Swift Inspired Smokey Eye from Grammys

Hey Everyone Abbey here. So I wanted to recreate Taylor Swift’s makeup from the red carpet at the Grammys this year I thought it was such a nice natural smoky kind of smoldery eye and I thought it was something anyone could wear. So I’ll taking this peachy pink blush and just applying a tiny bit to my cheeks she didn’t really have any noticeable blush on but I just wanted a little bit to wake my face up and then I put on this highlighter that’s not too shimmery and I just put it over the tops of my cheekbones just to add a little bit of life into my skin then.

T Swift Inspired Smokey Eye from Grammys Photo Gallery

I’ll priming my eyes with Urban Decay’s primer potion and Eden and obviously my bottle is really beat up and then I’ll gonna go ahead and use a creamy kind of brown eyeshadow and you don’t have to use a cream eyeshadow if you want but basically you’re gonna go ahead and start on the outside part of the eye and extend just a little bit to make kind of a cat eye shape then go ahead and extend around the bottom lid in towards the inner corner and repeat that on the other eye and then you’re gonna go ahead and extend from that wing over top of your lid and then just keep building it up over the entire lid and that creates that kind of cat eye almond e shape that here’s what is. So famous for you just want to build that up until you’ve got it completely covered then you’re gonna take a shimmery taupe color and put that just over kind of the top of your lid just to add some kind of warm shimmer in there and then we’re gonna take a really shimmery gray color and we’re gonna pull out from the outside in following that cat eye shape. So you kind of want to follow the shape that we just made on the outside and then just keep pulling it in until you’ve got that gray and that taupe mixing on top of the lid and making a nice kind of warm gray color and then you’re gonna go ahead and bring it along the bottom lashes as well This gonna help to enhance the smokiness of what you have going on under there and a little bit of the drama as well then you’re gonna take a really dark brown and apply that into the crease now I chose a dark brown because I think it helps to warm up a smoky eye a lot and it really just adds to the richness of a smoky eye because.

I feel like if you just stick with graze it can cool it down a lot it can make it look a little cheap use a clean brush to go ahead and blend out the edge and you’re going to use a matte color and close to your skin tone are a little bit lighter and apply it just underneath your eyebrow to go ahead and blend the rest of that then take a black eyeliner and we’re gonna line the top lid well line all the way around make sure it’s a really thin line in towards the inner corner and then wing out the outside once you’ve got all that in place you’re gonna take a smudger brush and go ahead and smudge that around. So you’ve got a nice smoky look then we’re gonna take a black eye shadow and add to the smokiness even more and build it up. So put basically the eye shadow over everywhere where the eyeliner is it makes the black a lot more intense and it helps to add to the smokiness as well then you’re gonna go ahead and take your eyeliner and line the waterline all the way into the inner corner and then on your tight line or waterline I always get the mix-up I’ll you’re gonna go ahead and put a skin color or a white now you’re gonna take a shimmery highlight that’s close to your skin tone and place that on the inner corner and now it’s time for mascara I use my favorite volumizing one just to go ahead and add the volume into my lashes then once they were dry I ran through with a dry little slowly to break up any clumps and then apply another coat of another volumizing mascara and then.

I use yet another mascara on my bottom lashes you don’t have to go through all that it’s just kind of my thing. So don’t worry about it then for my brows I use a clear mascara to go ahead and set them in the place I kind of brush them up and then I kind of comb over any little hairs that are sticking out and then I filled in any sparse areas with my Anastasia brow pencil which I love it’s new to me but I really like it and then I went ahead and did my lips with a nude color and then finished it off with more of a pinky tone to get that peachy pink pout that Taylor had and finally that isn’t you’ve got your nice natural but still kind of smoldery smokey eye I really like it and I hope you guys do too here are all of my little links if you want them and also what is your favorite way to wear a smoky eye tell me in the comments I’ll curious also here’s my previous post if you want to check that out and I will see you guys on Friday with another me inspired tutorial.

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