2017 medium length hairstyles

Popular medium length haircuts 2017_18.jpg

Popular medium length haircuts 2017

Worried about your dull, lusterless and falling hair? Obviously, bad hair conditions are always bothersome and most of us take the route to expensive salons to get some health for our hair. But do you really think that costly hair treatments at salons are helpful? How is it possible that putting some chemically loaded creams […] Read more

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Trendy haircuts fall 2017

A Straw Set What you need: A large package of drinking straws Setting lotion End Wraps for curling hair Large size bobby pins (3 inches or more in length) Spray bottle filled with water and setting lotion A hooded dryer. The Straw Set: Step One: Cut straws in half. Step Two: With freshly washed hair, […] Read more