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Best performance came in March 1987, when Kouros again won the 1,060 km Sydney-to-Melboume race in 134:47, equivalent to 1,127 km (700 miles) in 6 days, the distance for which Rowell had first aimed 105 years earlier. An important factor that helps to explain Kouros’s remarkable success is that for an ultramarathon runner he has, […] Read more

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Yoga Poses Explained

Sponging As the skin temperature rises, it causes blood to pool in the veins of the arms and legs. This is because the elevated skin temperature “paralyzes” the veins, which dilate and soon fill with a large volume of blood. This blood is effectively lost from the circulation and can only be returned to the […] Read more

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Practical implications of Different Muscle Fiber Types Numerous studies show that the muscles of outstanding athletes exhibit specific and predicExercises patterns of muscle fiber content according to the sports in which the athletes excel. Thus, the muscles of sprinters, jumpers, and weight lifters contain high percentages of FT fibers whereas cyclists, swimmers, and middle-distance (400 […] Read more