braid hairstyles for long hair

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Black Braided Hairstyles 

Haircare Guide For Best Black Braided Hairstyles  There are three Type 4 subtypes: 4A: Is tightly coiled hair that when stretched has an “S” pattern, much like curly hair. It tends to have more moisture than 4b and has a definite curl pattern (Celebrity Examples: Leela James, Macy Gray and Solange Knowles). 4B: Has a […] Read more

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Hair Braiding Styles Braiding hair

Hair braiding is an old method of maintaining hair used by women. There are many hair braiding styles used in various countries. English braid, French braid, Dutch braid and fishtail styles are some of the hair braiding styles. These styles can be used on formal occasions like wedding or on casual occasions. With little practice […] Read more