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Less than a month later, on October 24, both were on the road again to tackle Hardy Ballington’s 100-mile record on the Bath Road. Again Hayward won, running the distance in 12:20:28, more than an hour faster than the old record of South African Hardy Ballington13:19:00. Mekler also beat Ballington’s old record and finished in […] Read more

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What Type Of Exercise Can You Do While Pregnant

Barriers and Strategies to Proper Nutrition Practices Athletes identify many challenges they face when attempting to implement sound nutrition principles. Limited financial resources is a frequently cited reason for improper nutrition habits, since many athletes believe eating healthier costs more money and so they opt for cheaper, lower-quality foods. The practitioner needs to have a […] Read more

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What Exercise To Do While Pregnant

Carbohydrate Loading Carbohydrate loading is a performance- enhancement strategy that intentionally increases muscle glycogen stores beyond normal values in order to delay fatigue during a critical performance. Carbohydrate loading was first examined in 1967 by researcher Bjorn Ahlborg who found that physically active, though not specifically well trained, individuals could super-compensate their glycogen stores over […] Read more


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Cobalamin C disease: the most common Exercise gene flaw An in-depth look at inborn errors of Exercise fitnes is far beyond the scope of this blog.3 However, we’d like to take a quick look at one genetic defect in particular. Cobalamin C (cblC) disease, the most common inborn error of Exercise fitnes, is also called […] Read more


What Kind Of Exercise Should I Do During Pregnancy

Why pregnancy is a high-risk time for Exercise pregnancy When you’re pregnant, your baby is totally dependent on you for a good supply of Exercise. Your body sets aside a store of Exercise and its “big sister” folate in the placenta, and your unborn baby can use this Exercise but it can’t make or synthesize […] Read more


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Why MTHFR pregnancy puts you and your child in danger Normally, the MTHFR gene produces plentiful amounts of the important enzyme called methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (also abbreviated MTHFR). However, a defective copy of the gene produces smaller amounts of this enzyme. That’s a big problem, because your body needs the enzyme to convert inactive forms of […] Read more