home decor ideas for small homes

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10 Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Screen-style bed hangings A flatter, screen-like effect can be achieved by sewing a sleeve at the top and base of a piece of fabric – a strong canvas works well, for instance — and by stretching it between a tubular frame. A side and an end, with a bed positioned sideways on to the wall, […] Read more


10 Home Decor Ideas For Living Room

Work out the quantity of fabric you wish to use fairly carefully, allowing extra for hemming, etc. The keys to the success of the final piece are both planning and accurate cutting. Fabrics for piping should be cut on the bias (the cross of the fabric) and therefore more fabric is required. Use faint pencil […] Read more

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Furnish your home and garden

Pros of coupons In this modern world people wants everything in a modern way. They want their garden and house to be look very gorgeous and outstanding. For this you want to furnish them and all you need is discount coupons. The unique pros with online reduction coupons are that they can be accessed in […] Read more