laser treatment for vitiligo side effects

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Laser Treatment For Vitiligo

Narrowband Ultraviolet B [UVB] Therapy Narrowband UVB uses a particular type of light known as Ultraviolet B as opposed to the Ultra Violet A light employed by PUVA. Narrowband UVB has been found to be an effective alternative to the traditional PUVA. Similar to PUVA, specific treatment can be carried out three times in a […] Read more

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Vitiligo Treatment Laser

Depigmentation Depigmentation is a good alternative if half or more of one’s body is infected with Vitiligo. In this treatment, the tone of the parts of the skin which are not affected by the disease is lightened to match with the skin sections, having already become discolored. The patient also has to apply a particular […] Read more

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Vitiligo Laser Treatment

Wood’s Lamp Examination Another technique for diagnosing Vitiligo is Wood’s Lamp Examination. The light, in this case, emits UVA radiations. The resultant emitted radiations are most commonly referred to as black light. Two key factors are considered under this method: 1. More Contrast: The resultant contrast between the affected and unaffected skin areas gets enhanced […] Read more