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10 Best Eye Makeup Trends

L’OREAL The world’s largest cosmetics company, L’Oreal was started by Eugene Schueller, who worked parttime at his parents’ patisserie throughout his youth and while studying chemistry at the Sorbonne. He worked as an assistant pharmacist but was interested in hair dyes, and particularly the idea of making a long-lasting dye. In 1907 he applied for […] Read more

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10 Best Makeup Trends For Spring 2017

LANCOME Armand Petitjean worked as an executive at Coty and poached a number of its employees when he started Lancome in 1935 (the name was inspired by the Chateau de Lancosme). The company began with six fragrances that same year Kypre, Tendres, Nuits, Bocages, Conquete, and Tropiques, each themed for a different continent which were […] Read more

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10 Best Makeup Trends For Summer 2017

COTY Born Joseph Marie Francois Spoturno, Francois Coty trained as a Perfumer in Grasse before founding his eponymous company in Paris in 1904. In stark contrast to Helena Rubinstein’s approach, Coty’s philosophy was âœGive a woman the best product to be made, market it in the perfect flask, beautiful in its simplicity yet impeccable in […] Read more