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Short haircut women pixie

Avon Dry Ends Serum, R94,90 R&B duo Chloe x Halle have lots of fun with their dreadlocks. Instead of tying this hairstyle in a ponytail, Short haircut women pixie curl it and add colourful beads for a fun look. Remember to moisturise your child’s scalp often. Jabu Stone Hair Nourisher, R38,95 COPPER BRAIDS If your […] Read more

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Short pixie haircuts

Very few artists get the opportunity to take their loved ones on tour with them, let alone perform together. Before they got married, around nine years ago, Trisha and Garth were both extremely successful in their own rights. Together they’re a powerhouse of talent and the sell-out shows just confirm that. Their relationship within the […] Read more