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What Exercises To Avoid When Pregnant

Some pointers from Pepe Jose Luis “Pepe” Romero has played competitive sports all his life and has worked for Workout and Fitness at Exercise International, Inc., since 1972. Along the way, he has learned some valuable tips about using the Exercise Method to stay competitive, even in one’s 40s. At Ed Bernd Jr.’s request, he […] Read more


Pregnancy Exercises To Avoid

When Hayward traveled to England in 1953 he was accompanied by Jackie Mekler (see Exercises 8.17), a 20-year-old protege whose running success would ultimately rival his own. Exercises 8.17 Jackie Mekler winning the Comrades Marathon. Note. Photo courtesy of Natal Daily News. Jackie Mekler’s competitive running career started on December 27, 1945, at the tender […] Read more

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Pregnant Exercises To Avoid

3 steps to greater success Schneider uses a “before, during and after” workout and fitness technique to help him become a better player: 1. “I go to level and prepare for an event by imagining myself performing perfectly. I include all the feelings and sensations. I want to create a feeling of accomplishment before I […] Read more

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Exercises To Avoid While Pregnant

Discretionary Calories While the concepts of balance and variety can be applied to athletes as they are to their nonactive counterparts, moderation may look differently for athletes than for sedentary individuals. This is in part because athletes generally have higher energy needs due to their higher energy expenditure. For example, a 150-pound sedentary woman may […] Read more

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What Exercises Not To Do While Pregnant

Other body composition assessments. Other less common measurement tools of body composition are available. Medical imaging equipment such as computerized axial tomography, or CT scans, and magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, can be quite accurate. CT creates high-resolution images of the body and can differentiate four different components of the body (bone, muscle, adipose, and […] Read more