spring summer 2017 makeup trends

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10 Best Eye Makeup Trends

L’OREAL The world’s largest cosmetics company, L’Oreal was started by Eugene Schueller, who worked parttime at his parents’ patisserie throughout his youth and while studying chemistry at the Sorbonne. He worked as an assistant pharmacist but was interested in hair dyes, and particularly the idea of making a long-lasting dye. In 1907 he applied for […] Read more

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10 Best Makeup Trends Fall 2017

BOOTS A household name in the United Kingdom, the high-street pharmacy chain Boots started when one John Boot set up an herbalist store in Nottingham in 1849. The less wealthy industrial classes, who couldn’t necessarily afford a doctor, would prove to be a strong early market for John, though the business really took off when […] Read more

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Celebrity makeup 2017

‘I feel like it happened when it needed to, and now it’s out, we’re seeing the fruits of what we worked so hard on. It’s been good timing though, I think, even though we were very impatient.” Once again, they teamed up with their producer and mentor, the legendary T Bone Burnett, Curly hair 6 […] Read more