Take us through the house in detail

HP: We studied the wind patterns and tree locations, first. There are over 50-60 trees on site, none of which were fMy blogd. Even on a harsh, blistering summer day, the wind blows over the swimming pool and cools the house in a way that you don’t need air conditioning at all.

From Above The central courtyard has handcrafted teakwood doors that open into the main entertaining area. At the far end is the secondary living room; Exterior view of the entire structure covered in textured paint. The decking around the pool is shahabad stone. Irregular square punctures form windows for the bedrooms Left The living room is a scene of calm in muted colours of white, brown and grey. All upholstery is by Yamini while the floor is leather finished kota. The carpet is from Cocoon Fine Rugs

The courtyard, an integral part of the layout, ties the interior with the exterior. The idea was to bring greenery inside, creating a seamless space.

SK: It’s a four bedroom house with two extra chambers that can double up as staff or guest rooms. The living and dining enclaves have been built around the courtyard with multiple breakout spaces emerging and culminating within it. So the ground floor has all the public areas; the boudoirs are on the first, while a sunken level has the kitchen with access to the two additional spaces. All doors lead out to the large porch bringing the outdoors in. A spiral staircase was also created, which meanders into a secondary, partially open living room with a double height ceiling.

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