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I wanted to do this look the Taylor Swift wore to the Grammys because I think it’s great you can wear it from prom to just a casual everyday wear you want to look cute I put in these clip and bang extensions but you can do this even if you don’t have bangs. So worries start by sectioning the hair right above the ear on one side and then take a large section of hair from right behind your ear and basically you’re gonna braid this entire thing and it’s gonna become our little milkmaid braid you want to braid going upward for those first few inches. So that you don’t end up with any funny little bumps or on this area as a side note if you don’t have bangs or side bangs make sure you part your hair on one side or the other just to kind of add to the dimension of this look now you’re gonna take that braid and position it over.

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Your head and you’re gonna go ahead and pin it right in the middle if your hair is a little shorter create a corresponding braid on the other side and pin them both up on top of your head to create that milk braid look now you’re gonna go ahead and French braid back starting with the hair that’s right in the front and then incorporating little pieces of hair from the top and the bottom for about four or five inches once you’ve got those first four or five inches done you’re gonna start incorporating only hair from the bottom until you reach the center back of your head once you finish those little French braiding sections you’re just going to braid the rest of the hair normally and secure it with a small hair man now on the other side if your hair was long enough to reach all the way around will be French braiding it in with the French braid on this side. So you’re going to start off with your french braid incorporating hair from the bottom of the top when you reach that braid just go ahead and incorporate it with that new section of hair and then continue to braid from there and again you’re going to go about four or five inches incorporating hair from both sides and then you’re gonna start incorporating only hair from the bottom and here you can see that a little bit more clearly than in the previous clip and again once you finish that off you’re going to go ahead and braid it normally and secure it with a small band now all you have to do is pin the braids in place you’re basically gonna stretch the one kind of continuing with the same direction it was going and then kind of fold it in half and tuck it underneath the other French braided section and then pin it in place now my hair is a little bit on the long side.

So I had to do some extra little work to kind of hide my ends what I did was to bring that end over to the other side and then loop it and pin it underneath that French braid and you can do that even if your ends are only like two inches long or if they’re extra long like mine you just kind of loop it and pin it and make sure that there’s no little in sticking out then you’re going to repeat the same thing on the other side. So continue it in the direction that that braid goes then just kind of loop it underneath and then tuck it underneath the braid and that’s why we did that French braid where we only incorporated hair from the bottom that way we would be able to tuck these braids in and then you’re gonna go ahead and pin it in place you do still want the top of that braid that you kind of tucked in to be visible you don’t want to completely tuck it in just a little bit and then again if you have any ends go ahead and tuck them behind the other braids that we’ve done and pin them in place and make sure that there’s no little in sticking out like you see there then if you have any funny little loops at the bottom like I did you’re gonna go ahead and take a bobby pin and put it through the loop and then just pull it tight against the braid and put it in place and once you’ve got all those little loops taken care of and all pinned in place you are done. So I hope you guys like this like I said I think it’s great for a prom or a date night or even just every day I just I really like it and I hope you guys do too for the comment question what do you guys think of the milkmaid braid I’ll also honestly kind of torn on it and if you want here is my previous post with the makeup that I wore in this post I will see you guys on Monday with my next post and yeah that’s it love you guys bye.

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