Taylor Swift’s Silver Dress And Thigh-High Boots At The 2018 American Music Awards

Taylor Swift Looks Like A Disco Ball In A Silver Dress And Thigh-High Boots At The 2018 American Music Awards


Okay thank you she just called me babe I for, 27 feels like it’s made out of buck I’m not sure what this is Warnock tank the lightest v-neck I like the likes penis i like goddess tank goddess yeah well these are nice $30 get a job I do need parents I’d no idea what I’m doing I make a cool look man that’s boss okay $17 I did my best to find you my favorite outfits that I think they’ll work out for you. I kept all the receipts just in case here,’s your first outfit you, can go into the dressing room, I’m gonna grade him on a scale from one to ten one being I would never wear this.

I’m ten being that black shirt that I’m wearing every post what’s wrong with the shirt there’s nothing wrong with this outfit. I can see a bunch of other people wearing this, on to the next up, number two no y’all gonna go out like that so it turns into a six or a nighttime thing this is a night out with the girls on a very hot summer night.

2018 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Oh okay so this is Rachel alright so now you, gotta decide what you want, to keep you want me to return it’s a nice dress. But it doesn’t fit if the process of, him buying me clothes industry, those six are Catherine six are walking back to the store.


2018 American Music Awards - Red Carpet

I didn’t do the best job what you did you guys break him and then you were the ones putting on without this. Hi Rachel here my clothes sizes you can buy guys, doing this post if you, mean for me, it’s two posts click those down below and comment right over there ready gonna read.

2014 American Music Awards - Press Room

2014 American Music Awards - Roaming Show

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