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Hey everyone, I’m Abby from LA. Today I have my friend and special guest Anne from anneorshine here with me. And Anne, tell them a little bit about what you. Thank you Abby for having me over on your blog. Yeah. My name’s Anne. I have a blog called anneorshine and over there I make DIY’s and I also do styling tutorials. So if you guys are interested then come over there. Yeah, so Anne and I met like a year ago at VidCon and we’ve been really good friends ever since. So I’m really excited to have her on the show today. And you can see that we have previously on her blog made these lovely hair jewelry and hair bows out of neckties and we’ve shown how to use it, make them out of recycled items around your household. And now I’m going to show you how you can style the hair using these items. So we are going to show you today how to do a teased bun. So you guys have probably seen this from catwalks to red carpet events. Everyone’s really loving the really teased bun right now. So we’ve started by just pulling her hair up into kind of a messy, loose, more soft looking ponytail. And you can see that we’ve even left some bangs down. And I’m just going to take my teaser brush you can see what it looks like and grab a little piece of the top of the ponytail.

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And I’m just going to tease. Now you can not tease if you want to and create a bun as well, but this just gives a bun at certain look that’s like much different than a regular non-teased bun. And you can just brush this out, it’s not going to kill your hair or anything weird. You can just brush it out later. It’s very easy. So we’re just, you can see we’re just separating off layers and teasing down to those roots. And we can even go up higher on the strands if you want. And see how it now has that fullness and stiffness to it? Which is exactly what we’re looking for when we’re done. And we have one more piece left. And teasy, teasy, teasy, mac and cheesy. Right, Anne? Yes. Us mommies, we always think it rhyme. Mac and cheesy. Whatever you say, Abby. OK, so when you’ve got I’m actually going to go back to this front piece and add just a little tiny bit more right through here. We have kind of what looks like a teased mess, right. That’s exactly what you want. Now we’re just going to take your fingers or you can even use the teaser brush again and just smooth just those top pieces down a little tiny bit. Grab the hair, because now we’ve added a ton of fullness to the shape of the bun. And just very loosely give it a twist. We don’t want to create too tight a look. And we’re just going to like this. Bobby pin the ends down under. When I get the ends secured I’ll show you what else we can do. And now just kind of position the bun the way you want it. Then you can also take a bobby pin and just grab that bottom front edge and pin so it just holds the bun down a little bit closer to the head. And you can see we get that nice round, full shape. And that’s what the teasing one more does. I’m going to just put one more right here. There you go. And now to use the accessories that we made with Anne. You can choose. Like we have these two hair bows that are both adorable.

And because Anne has a navy stripe in her shirt I think this one would be very, very cute to just pin right here underneath the edge of that bow or even just slightly to the side, like that. Or you can use the hair accessories. I’m going to lay a couple of these on your shoulder. Sure. By taking them and simply taking the chains and finding a spot and just pinning, back pinning that bobby pin in there with the chain on either side. And then doing I’m going to do this little beaded one next because I think this one is really fun. To mix it up. Whoa, fly away bobbies today. Again, I’m just going to kind of position that bobby pin right in about the same location and pin. And you can see that we’re just creating a tiered effect. And our last little chain. Make sure you hide those. Up and over our last little spot. This chain is a little shorter, so we’re going to just let it sit on top. So here we have our finished messy teased bun. So of course, it’s going to be messy and loose looking because we want that kind of effortless look to it. And all of the hair jewels just sitting so gorgeous against the hair. I love just how it stands out. It’s a very unique look and very different. I’m sure you’re going to get a thousand compliments on it when you wear it. And I also love just the hair bows that are so easy to pop in when you’re running late to school or work. These are great ones. And what do you think, Anne? I really liked it. I mean, I love it. It has like that effortless look and that’s the kind of look I always go for. I always like to do my hair sort of messy because it looks effortless. Yeah. I think this is one you could put a hair bow in when you’re running to school and then throw in the jewels for like a party later that night and you just totally changed the look of the entire hairstyle just by changing the accessory. It’s really cute. So make sure you check out Anne’s blog and comment. It’s Anne from anneorshine and we will see you guys later.

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