Changing hair colour to warm up a mousy brown or cover the odd streak of grey can take years off your age. For the most v natural look, it’s best to stay within two or three shades of your original colour, and always consider your skin tone.


Conversely, there will always be lazy and negative people out there who will copy you, bad mouth you and compete with you. They may even do immoral or unethical things to get what they want, so I always advise caution when partnering or collaborating with others. This may sound cynical but it is better to be safe than sorry, and when you find the right mix, everyone will feel like they are winning rather than it benefiting one party more than the other! The world of social media marketing came to my door quite literally around 2014. My Facebook page was well established by then, with a large following, and my own profile was building. Companies started to send me their products in the hope that I would talk about them on my social media channels. I was a bit naïve at first, and was posting about products all over my page, just grateful for the free stuff I had peanut butter and coconut oil for life! In effect, I was giving these companies fantastic free advertising and broad exposure, which was resulting in good sales for them as well as building their social media followings by sending my following to their pages. This snowballed as brands saw the great exposure that other brands were getting on my page. Messages and emails were piling in and I got sent more and more product; everything from food and fitnessrelated products to fashion, beauty products and more. Savvy people around me started suggesting I should be getting paid to do these kind of posts but, early on, brands just did not get it and felt it was not a service worth paying for if you asked for money to promote their products. Now it is understood that this kind of promotion is no different from traditional advertising paying to put an ad in a newbeauty spaper, or put up a billboard and is probably a lot more effective: instead of paying for the whole population to see an ad, you are getting very targeted exposure for your products, and depending on the person is following, reaching a large and very engaged audience.

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