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You’re pretty much guaranteed snow, making it a great place to hit the slopes. Ruka resort – where the national ski team train – offers 34 well-maintained slopes, with lots of intermediate and easy runs for beginners and families. The views from the top are spectacular. Warm up with a minttukaakao – a boozy hot chocolate that tastes like a molten Mint Aero. Lessons cost from £40 (ski.ruka.fi/en). Don’t fancy the slopes? Channel your inner Bond girl and jump on a snowmobile for a two-hour guided safari through pine forests and across frozen lakes (£63pp, Rukasafaris.fi/ en). Alternatively, kids (big and small) will love ice-karting. After a brief safety chat, you’ll skid round an icy track for a practice lap, then a race. Fantastic fun! A session with Ruka Adventures costs from £37pp (rukaadventures.fi/ en). If you’ve a head for heights, you can try your hand at ice-climbing. Lessons start at £55pp (hikingservice.fi/en). I went back to my web browsing, even though I was very excited to see if 23 or 88 had been called – the two numbers I was still waiting for. I then started to feel excited about the thought of winning and flicked back to my Woman Bingo account. I couldn’t believe it. I was only waiting on one number! I sat watching with bated breath then, suddenly, the screen began to flash, telling me I was thejackpot winner! I sat staring at the screen, my j aw practically on the floor. My partner, David, was in the room, but though I wanted to tell him, I couldn’t get a word out. I hadn’t even told him I was close to thejackpot in case I jinxed it but, eventually, I Worried that I’d read the screen wrong, I refreshed my page. Then refreshed it again, and again. And every time I did, the £2,000 was still there in my account.

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