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SKINDEEP With her huge success in Anchor Man 2 and Think Like A Man Too, Meagan Good continues to captivate us on film. She’s also a beauty inside and out, with amazing skin! Through the years, she’s kept it fabulous with great skin care, and pays particular attention to the skin area around the eyes. Since I’ve turned thirty, I’m in this phase where I just don’t like makeup, so I always carry my eye cream to make sure I’m not puffy and don’t need concealer, says Meagan on this essential step in her skin care routine. Eye creams are a great way to shield and protect the delicate skin around the eyes, and in general, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing with a healing treatment is a skincare combination that just can’t be beat. Having a basic skincare routine that works for your lifestyle and a healthy diet are essential for healthy looking skin. Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash with microbeads helps clear and prevent breakouts. You will also see improvements in the appearance of dark marks that breakouts can leave behind. It helps visibly improve skin tone and texture with soy extract & vitamins C & E. To use: 1. Moisten face and squeeze cleanser into your hand. 2. Massage gently in a circular motion over face. 3. Rinse thoroughly. Now it’s time to focus on the ultimate healing therapy for the skin on your body.

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