Temple fade haircut with designs

Warm-up exercises Perforin these exercises slowly and gently, with the mind and the breath focused in the Tan Tien. Notice any differences between the right and left sides of your body, and between the upper and lower parts. The object is gradually to enter the world of t’ai chi, and to warm up all your muscles so that you do not get any strains. The more you warm up, the better your technique will be. The movements will flow like a stream.

Gently shake out any tension in your wrists and hands. Gradually work up to include your shoulders.This is especially useful after long periods at work.

Place your palms lightly on your upper kneecaps. Feel the Chi from your palms radiating deep into your knee joints. Circle your knees clockwise.

Turn out your left foot and step forward with your right. Raise your toes. Temple fade haircut with designs Drop forward, keeping your right leg straight. Hold then repeat on the left.

Stand on one leg while gently shaking tension from the other leg. Do this for 10-15 seconds and then repeat with the other leg. Repeat several times.

Make increasing circles with one shoulder Change direction and decrease the size of the circles. Repeat for the other shoulder Rotate both shoulders.

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