Ten Rengine Appropriate Blush Selection and Usage

Ten Rengine Appropriate Blush Selection and Usage

Choosing the right color is a self-made business. If your athlete is very obvious in your face, then you have chosen the wrong tone. Blush is meant to add vitality and warmth to your skin, much from changing your skin color. When your face is red, choose the pink and rose colors that match the natural colors of your skin. Try your hand opposite or the best on the sidewalk and examine the effect of daylight.

In light skin, they should choose soft, pastel shades, light pinks that are not brown. Middle-tones may prefer sand color and pink tones. Ideal for peaches and coral reds. Rose and pomegranate may be recommended for those with yellow or olive color. Stay away from peach and bronze shades, look for brown and copper tones. Purple, fuchsia, dark bronze or brown are the best blush colors to dark or black complexion.

If you have cracked capillaries or if your skin color is eye-catching, the red blushes inside are not for you. Choose a tinge of yellowish coffee or honey.

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Everything superb in super-styles can not be carried into everyday life. The white headlamps that accompany the brilliant fusuma-colored cheeks painted like plaster are most likely to be most suited to special occasions or sparkling magazine shots. As you are, do not leave the elegant shades of pink or peach for a natural look. Moreover, the application of these colors is much easier.

Blush for emergencies: You can take a piece of ruby cheeks for a creamy blush.

Powder blush. It is easy to control and apply to the skin, so it is the most preferred blush type especially for oily skin. The disadvantage is that you need a brush to drive the herd and it is difficult to make up for it if you are driving in excess. Once you have found the brush, shake off the excess powder on the brush so it will not leave a hard, artificial look. Then crawl from the middle of your cheeks towards the edges. Use the brush in circular motions to mix well with your rich skin.

Cream blush. A new formula that is easy on the skin. Ideal for dry and sun damaged skin. On the skin
She slides comfortably and does not fill her wrinkles. If your skin is oily,
there is a benefit to you. Apply your face directly and slowly form the color, ideally without creamy powdery powder
to drive a skin. Try to move down and out to avoid boundary lines.

Gel blush. The most translucent color can be obtained with gel blush. Bare skin is a great blush type to give a natural look. It creates wonders on newly moistened and untreated bindings. Start with your cheekbones and move outwards to avoid color condensation on your hair. Gel blush
are ideal for a young, glittery look and are very easy to implement. Do not forget to rub quickly and wash your stained fingers.

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