Tensions Flare! Angelina & Jenni Open Up About Their Ongoing Beef

It was very crazy at first. But I think I’m you know I think they’re warming up to me which is cool simmer down I am a I’m crazy I think they like that part of me the funny side. So I this is something they’ve never seen before from me usually years ago I was a bitch. So. Yeah bitch. But I’m a nicer bitch I don’t think. So you are not the sweetest bitch there’s already one of those sir bitch as much as I you know can’t stand her. Yeah I do think Angelina brings something different to the house she’s like a different drama she’s a dramedy as Benny likes to call it where she’s drama. But she brings some you know sagas Ronnie’s drama at Sun is darkened dirty I have to be honest ratchet I don’t see it ask them I think I know where my part there is I don’t see, it’s too far gone I just want to I want to tell everybody I’m still not on this group chat this is a democracy they told me. So I have to figure out who is this you know the head of this that’s not a democracy that’s the auspices of a democracy democracy whoever ends up in a group chat is all part of God’s plan nudes fact things you don’t want to know.

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Take Mama’s doing good she’s doing good she’s you know bear with a baby-making show Lord get Logan is okay, and you know she’s just being a mommy you know, and also I think she’s doing some more music -. Yeah I don’t know yet I think I just let take my cat out of the bag I really haven’t talked to her about that you know. So I was like whatever you know um I don’t know what happened we don’t know what happened when they first came on. So, it’s like okay okay you know why I don’t know cuz you know sometimes people can talk crazy or snappy, and then you know demarcation go from zero to fifty five, and you know, and then when you get that venom you came back down should I just stay like that.

Tensions Flare! Angelina & Jenni Open Up About Their Ongoing Beef Photo Gallery

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