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I would not recommend smushing your eye, but if you want to smush your eye, I can’t stop you (funky music) Hello friends and welcome to another post Today I’m going to be testing out three eyeliner hack products. So basically these products are designed to help you get that perfect Cat eye whing. There’s no ‘h in wing. I just – whing is fun to say.

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Now I’m someone who enjoys eyeliner quite a bit specifically the cat eye flick or the wing but I still mess up quite often sometimes you just can’t nail the angle at which the Cat eye should be one eyes looking good the other eye is a little flaccid So if there is a product out there that can help me nail the perfect cat eye wing every single time, I want to know about it. So hopefully we can find that today in this eyeliner Hack Product Showdown. The products we have competing here today are the Liner Designer Pro by Beauty Blender. The Vamp Stamp, I- I think the Company’s also called Vamps Stamp, and the Eye Candy Eyeliner Stencils by Best Bender Beauty, we’ll see who comes out on top of the eyeliner pyramid, the eyeliner tournament, the eyeliner catfight. Alright let’s begin So I’m going to start off with the Liner Designer Pro. It’s like a little rubber-ish guitar pick thing So they give you like a little guitar pick holder with a little mirror inside.

Oh, it’s like a magnifying mirror That’s terrifyingly up close So I want a cat eye flick from this and what they say is to place the Straight-laced Edge which I think is this longer edge right here Along the angle created by the lower lid to act as a guide for your cat eye flick So I’m taking my eyeliner that I currently use which is the Lancome Artliner look it sticks for a second and I’m going to try and see if this is gonna work So my current eyeliner hack is to draw a line of concealer from the outer corner of my eye to the end of my eyebrow And I think that is also the hack of this thing. Did I do it right? It doesn’t seem like I did I think that- that that was a bad first stroke my first mistake was Maybe going in like pretty liberally with the eyeliner just ‘cuz I think that some eyeliner got underneath the stencil I’m just going to go in and try the other side then we’ll fix that side Okay, so that’s definitely that’s definitely less messy, let’s try and draw in the whole eyeliner now so once you’ve got your initial angle the next step is to take the Curvalicious side and you put it on top and then trace it that way.

There is a little bit of free handing you have to Do with this like it’s not just going to give you the whole wing let you definitely have to Work with it. This side needs some help, but this side came out pretty well I’m just going to start from scratch on this side. Alright, here we go. I like the use of doing it like this as a little help using it To fill in your liner like this is very difficult because you’re trying to put like a flat thing on a curved eyeball Does that look the same as the other side? I don’t think so, not quite It’s a little frustrating because that’s my main issue with eyeliner in general It’s not being able to get them even. I think that this leaves a little bit of room for user error Like I can get under the Liner Designer with my eyeliner a bit too easily I like the the elegant cat eye that this Liner Designer creates, and it could be a helpful addition to your eyeliner routine, But I don’t think that this Solves all my eyeliner problems. Let’s move on to contestant number two The Vamp Stamp. So basically this is an eyeliner stamp and you just you dip it in ink and then you just stamp it on it’s got a little bit of a Darth Maul vibe to it and I also I got the Medium winged tail, this is what it says on the box. It says the struggle for the perfect wing ends here.

Fighting words, So let me take off this eyeliner I’ve got on from the the Liner Designer Pro, and then we’ll try this bad boy on for size. So I bought the ink that they had on their website. It’s called the Vink Eyeliner Ink. Ooh! Oh it is It’s like it is actually ink like I thought it was going to be like a gel. The last time we started with the right and the right was a little bit of a mess Let’s start with the left, so I’m just dunking it in. Alright, here we go. Ready? I think they got a little like divot here, so I’m going to put that at the corner of my eye It looks to me a little bit like a fin. I think that I must have done something wrong I didn’t quite get that good scoop. Then the directions say to dip the angled brush that they gave you and finish out the line this way. It definitely has the length of A wing it doesn’t quite got the flick so I’m going to try the other side now you know I want to see if I can get that good flick because there’s a good flick shape here No, that was bad. I did a bad job this one actually had a little bit of a better shape But I went too low I’m going to try and take not as much ink I think one of the reasons that I lose the curvature is ‘cuz I got too much ink you know what I’m going to try and Paint on the wing, that’s going to be the best thing to do. I just want to get one good stamp. Oh, that’s better Yeah, that looks pretty good. This was a less-good stamping, but it is the better shape. You know, I’m going to take off the wing on this side. Let’s try it This is, this is take four.

With any new makeup product There is a learning curve So I don’t blame the Vamp Stamp for like taking a second for me to figure it out. That looks pretty good We’re improving. I think the technique of using the brush to paint on the Vamp Stamp Ink is Probably the way I would recommend just ‘cuz I was getting too much ink by just dunking it. Alright, now I’m just gonna use my eyeliner and paint in the rest of the eyeliner here What do you guys think, does it look even? I feel like I stamped this one too slightly higher than this one but if you don’t look too hard it looks pretty good and even. It took me a few tries to get a result that I was pleased with but I think overall the Vamp Stamp’s got the right idea the fact that you can have Uniform and symmetrical wing length, width and shape is really important, and I think that’s really cool You just have to be sure that you’re putting it at the same height on both sides But I do I do like how it turned out I think it looks actually pretty close to the Kind of eyeliner that I usually go for. So the last eyeliner hack product is the Eye Candy Stencil Pack. This kind of operates like painters tape in which you put down a Stencil you stick it on and then you paint the eyeliner over it, and then you peel the stencil off. So here are the stencils. Haha, it’s kind of like a sticker pack So I’m going to wipe off the Vamp Stamp eyeliner And then we’re going to head on into this one so basically what it says is To carefully place eyeliner stencil over your eyelid with eye open or closed depending on preference There we go, I feel like I look like I just got out of the hospital So it says just to do to apply the other side as well I’m trying hard not to tape my eyes shut. That’s almost like a Hunger Games look. May the odds be ever in your favor. I’ve heard of putting tape here as a guideline besides these stencils I’ve never really seen this kind of painters tape method Let’s keep the suspense going I’m going to go in for the other eye I do love the efficiency of this brush they give you it’s just like covering surface area pretty quick I feel like if you got used to matching the stencils and really nailing the stencil placement This could be really fast. Alright, ready? I’m going to peel off my right eye first Okay, I mean that’s eyeliner, right? It’s quite a thick line. It looks pretty good. Alright, ready for the other one? Oh, that one’s much worse. I feel like we’ve been one for two on every single eye so far I actually think that the right eye turned out pretty ideal like I think this is the way it’s supposed to look and Then I peeled off the left eye and it was just like – Alright, I’m going to I’m going to try this eye again.

I think this eye turned out pretty well I’m going back in for left eye. I’m nervous you’re going to take off some of your eyebrow. I know I just thought about that. The first time I don’t know what happened and this time I think I put the stencil too far in because it’s not quite as Nice and elongated as that wing Want to try one more time? I’m gonna try it one more time? And then we’re going to see who comes out on top if it’s me or the stencil. Once more into the breach dear friends, once more. Alright, ready? I’m a little sad, unlike the stamp where as I kept trying, I got better I think as I keep trying with the stencil I keep getting worse. It’s not the stencil I think it’s me because the stencil came out so nicely on this side I think though, based on how this one looks if you could figure out how to nail putting these stencils down you can do Really cool eyeliner, you could do different colors. You could do an ombre gradient like this could be awesome Trying to redo this side without being able to look at how the stencil is placed on this side It just wasn’t working for me. I think that the first Attempt was more even but I clearly got under the stencil somehow and had a giant bump in the middle. I really did try you guys. I’m little crestfallen So the idea behind these products is that they make it easier for anyone to nail their eyeliner, but particularly for beginners So I was thinking who the beginner at eyeliner that I know Tyler so Tyler is going to come in and try on my current frontrunner Which is the Vamp Stamp and see what he thinks about that? I’m not a beginner. I mean I’ve done it. I mean I did the Kylie Jenner post. I thought I did a pretty good job. This is an eyeliner stamp, you were here, you saw me use this. I was actually posting you and I agree that this was the clear winner in my heart, too So I’m going in with my left eye liner first Here we go.

I don’t wanna get ink in my eye and Okay, so apparently it’s not as easy as I thought it was so trying to get a bit more ink on this guy now Let’s go, going in here That was some premature stamping I don’t think I have the same Angle on both sides, but oh It looks like a little poo. I’m actually going to skip Safiya’s hack here. I’m going to just dip it right in oh yeah clean Placement, and does he stick the landing? whoo pretty good right? That might have been That was better than yours. Ok this is actually mom’s spaghetti Don’t choke here. Yeah. I think it’s pretty even, right? Wow, you look great! I think that one’s a little higher than the other one [okay], but I think that you did a pretty damn good job Okay, so since Tyler was able to recreate Essentially, what is better than my result with his right eye. (Tyler) I feel good I think that the Vamp Stamp is the winner of this test. I think that Tyler did a pretty damn good job I think that all three of them have different advantages, and I think that all three of them are pretty cool So even though the Vamp Stamp is the winner of this Showdown today, gauntlet I do think that both the Liner Designer and the Eyeliner Stencil both have their own advantages I don’t think I’m going to stop just doing my eyeliner by hand I think that usually that gets the job done But I think we can incorporate these guys into the routine to try it up the eyeliner game I think that I’m going to be using the stamps going forward. If you guys have used any of these products, Please let me know in the comments below Let me know what you think about these guys and just you know general feelings about eyeliner and cat eye wings. Thank you guys So much for reading if you enjoyed that post please make sure to Smash that like button if you want to see more posts like this make sure to smash that comment button And if you’ve already smash that comment button make sure to smash that little bell icon to turn on post notifications So you get a notification every time that I post. Here my Social Media handles and make sure to check out my next week We do a lot of daily postging and Q and A’s on there. A big shout-out to Daisy for reading, thanks for reading Daisy, and I will see you guys a next time.

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