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Hello friends And welcome to another post Today, I’m going to be trying out an anti-highlighter Now I say anti-highlighter because that is what it has been called by many many articles Articles have been calling it the anti-highlighter that matches your cold dark soul A new black highlighter that matches your cold dark soul So this is the product that everyone has been talking about So it is an inner glow creme pigment in the colour eclipse by Rituelle de fille I don’t know why I went like, kind of Italian-esque at the end It’s a French name, I’m pretty sure I took Spanish throughout school So like I don’t know how to pronounce any of the cosmetic names that are in French They just all go over my head According to Google, this is how you actually say it.

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So I was completely wrong People kept using the word highlighter to describe this product This black cream highlighter is the perfect product for makeup wearers who don’t like shimmer But what about your black highlighter The black highlighter of your goth dreams So I’m going to try to use this in the way I would use my normal highlighter There are also instructions on the brands websites As to recommendations of how to actually use it so I’m going to actually try their directions afterward I just want to see why everyone was calling it a highlighter I’m being incredibly extra and wearing my choker from Halloween My Morticia Addams choker Because I felt like if they were bringing the darkness I wanted to also bring the darkness Also bringing the darkness here today are my string lights There’s one string that’s just out I am very sad about it, but cleary they dressed for the occasion Cause there’s less light in here then usual Alright here we go, oooooo On my finger it looks like a really dark purple gloss I’m going to put it on my arm On camera it looks kind of brown-ish It also looks like a bruise. So when I usually put highlighter on I usually put highlighter on like a little bit right here Sometimes a dab on the nose Almost always under my brow bone and then definitely right here on the cheek bone. So I’m going to start with like under my brow bone the funny thing is, at first when I put it on it looks just like- ssss like soot. and then as I rub it in, it almost disappears is it giving me a highlighted effect? ..

No but if I blend it out a little bit, its like OH! I don’t really know what thats about but- on the side that I blended it out it is kinda like a shadowy.. its kinda Morticia-esque But it looks kind of good under my brow bone. Putting it somewhere you would put highlighter you could wear it there I think I don’t think it looks crazy So next up I’m going to put it on my cheekbone. Mrrp! Clearly that didn’t work out for me it’s just like a skid mark it’s a dark, demony skid mark glowin’ after a few bounces it’s kind of becoming something I don’t know that it even looks like witchy and fun I think it kinda just looks like I smudged something there is a glossiness to it so it does kind of reflect a little bit if I just move my head around like this forever I’m gonna do it on the other side too just so we can have a full face full face of anti-highlight this side actually look a little bit better but both sides at the ends it’s getting stuck in my little cheek hairs I look like Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins just dancing on a roof in London ok so the next place I would put highlighter would be my nose the tip of my nose like this that just made me look like a cat or reindeer like a very very uncommitted Halloween constume I’m a mouse, duh the thing is that I am into it on my eyes like I actually do like it there and then we got down to the middle of the face and it was just like questioning look where it’s used as a highlighter right now it doesn’t really make any sense the last place I would put highlight is like right in my cupid’s bow so..

Let’s put some right there yeah it kind of just looks like I shaved my moustache but forgot the cupid’s bow (like a baby man going through puberty) and that’s not necessarily the look I’m going for so I don’t know about that one you guys to be fair Rituel de Fille didn’t call it the anti-highlighter they’re just like this is just a cool cream pigment that you can use and people were just like aha! an anti-highlighter they say that eclipse is a black blush, contour, cream eye shadow and lipstick so that’s what it’s supposed to be I guess by anti-highlight you maybe could mean that it’s supposed to be literally everything except the highlight but, that was not clear ok so I’m gonna start with the eye shadow. I’m just going in with my finger That’s kinda cool alright so this is what it looks like as an eye shadow, I do have eye shadow primer on under here it does have that kind of weird sister vibe to it they say you can use it as blush and contour so I don’t really know what else to use with this for contour except for my fingers and then I’ll blend it out with a beauty blender oh, those are not even on both sides oops, nyehhh whatever I’m gonna use my beauty blender and just try and actually it kind of works ok this side I’m doing a worse job on how is that- my left side is struggling today you guys I didn’t execute this that well but this is like the Maleficent look this is the dark look they were talking about and it’s kinda cool I don’t this it’s like an everyday look but it could be an every night look strange noises alright let’s see what we can do with the cheek with the- with the blush did I ruin it already? ok I’m not sure about this one.

I guess if you put it on like super, super sheer you can just get the purple out of it but this time the left side did way better I don’t know, what do I do to my right side now? I don’t know if I would use it as blush but like I think I understand it a little bit more than just like the highlight right here so the last thing it says it can do is be a lipstick I’ve been wanting to put this on my lips not on my cupid’s bow like a little red butler moustache but on ma lips hhhhhOoo hoo hOo! hoo h ho- yeeesss I had to work it into my water line to make sure the butt hole was covered it’s covered a little bit better now, it’s a really interesting blotted look. I’m into it It is kind of moving around my lips so I’m tryna put it back on so it doesn’t go anywhere does this make sense as a lip colour? Yeah I like this as a lip colour in fact as I’m looking at everything like the blush has kind of settled in a little bit more it kinda makes sense so I think that like you can use this for things it says you can use it for is this thing a black highlighter? In my opinion, no. Um, is this thing the anti-highlighter? Only in that like a product that is not highlighter could be anti-highlighter I actually think that referring to this as a highlighter is pretty confusing Of course calling it the anti-highlighter could be getting more people to talk about it but if you’re talking about it and titling it in a headline in a way that’s just confusing the buzz might be working against it. Cause I think it’s kind of a cool product that has a cool effect But an anti-highlighter, it is not thank you guys so much for reading, let me know what you think about this product in the comments below if you think it is actually a highlighter and I’m just crazy if you like this post make sure to sh-mash that like button and if you want to see more posts like this make sure to sh-mash that comment button and if you’ve already sh-mashed that comment button be sure to sh-mash that bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications so you get a notification every time that I post here are my social media handles and make sure to check out my nextbeat I do a lot of daily postging and Q and As on there a big shout out to Logan for reading, thanks for reading Logan and I will see you guys a next time (GO BOB).

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