Textured Hairstyles For African American

Winning She Cantu Curl Awards in 2020 was a dream come true. I have really enjoyed being an ambassador for Cantu. Seldom do you meet the hard workers behind the scenes that work for household name brands. So being able to meet and speak alongside professionals at varying panels, such as Hair Crush and Superdrug Shades of Beauty, has been amazing. It’s really helped to build up my confidence and Increase my visibility.

Textured hair is my passion, I can talk about it for the whole day. so it doesn’t feel LIke work. I have also enjoyed working on shoots for Cantu, which is an absolute passion of mine. We worked on a stunning campaign recently, which was an amazing experience. Being an ambassador lor Cantu has opened various doors in places I once the rest of the year progresses. dreamt of, so I am excited to see how Tolu at a Cantusponsored event “Our hair defies gravity, so it can be magically transformed into any shape” What do you think about the natural hair movement? I think the natural hair movement is a powerful movement. I believe that it is here to stay, thanks to social media and everyday women sharing positive stories and hair tips online.

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It’s helping to spread global awareness and beautiful imagery of natural hair. It’s growing faster than any of us could imagine, and I’m glad that Cantu supports that. Describe your own natural hair journey. My natural hair journey has been like going on a road trip with no map, then stumbling across an area that’s finally familiar. The peace that I now have with my hair offers me great comfort and joy. Our body speaks with us through receptors, so when your scalp is dirty, it may become itchy, when your hair is dry, touching or combing will become painful from the roots.

It took patience, time and attention to gradually fall in love and understand the many ways my hair conversed with me. I was relaxed from the age of 4 to 19, but I personally got tired of relaxing, so I cut all the straight ends off down to four months’ worth of regrowth. I struggled with my natural hair during wash day as everything on the shelves back then catered to chemically processed hair. So I binged on YouTube, which only had a few naturalistas who were all American, and I tried some methods, which left me with many pieces of scrambled egg in my thick mane.

I had a love/hate relationship with my hair, I wanted to love it but had no idea how, so it left me frustrated. Therefore, I ordered many biology books that helped me to understand what the scalp and hair required. My hair has since been thriving, so my hair journey has become smooth sailing. I have a huge appreciation of my beautiful hair and her needs, as well as the artistic freedom I have to create so many fab styles. Where can we find you? My Instagram handle is ©luscurls, and I’ll be doing a lot of free tutorials, training and tips at @Cantu Beauty UK, so ensure you follow and keep abreast of all the latest trends.

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