The 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2020

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What a feat for our dear friend who landed his dream job as the head afro hair stylist for X Factor. Lathaniel is regularly featured in the pages of BBH and we’ve watched his career blossom from winning his first Black Beauty hair award at the tender age of 19 to opening his own salon in Brixton. Now the 27 year-old is a multi award winning stylist, and we’re looking forward to seeing the show-stopping styles he creates for the contestants during the live shows over the next six weeks.

The 10 Best Hair Color Ideas for Fall 2020 Photo Gallery

Celebrities with the Best Hair Color

Seasoned award winner, Hector Obeng of Hector’s Global Salon with Zeal, won the Great Lengths Creative Innovation stylist title.

Upcoming West London barber Emmett Williams of Headline Barber, bagged the HJ’s Men’s Afro Stylist of the Year at Salon International.

East London salon, Silk Trends won Afro Hair Salon of the Year at The London Hair & Beauty for the second time.

Unstoppable award-winning stylist, Aycan Kemal of New York Hair Design won HJ’s Afro Stylist of the Year for the second year in a row.


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